Downhill/Freeride on a budget-
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    Downhill/Freeride on a budget

    So i was looking to get a HT for just XC, but i figure what if i want to take some high jumps and really abuse the bike. If i get a FR ype bike it will handle all that and i can take it on just light riding as well so i say why not get the FR type and pretty much be able to do whatever with it. Now the question new to biking so dont want to spend alot.So
    what is the best all around FD/DH bike for the least amount of money? RS has an 06akuza Aniki for $549. Any other reccomendations?

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    XC is almost the complete opposite of FR/DH... but i guess you could do XC in an FR/DH rig if you got the muscles for it... but not the other way round... Just forget XC... get a FR/DH rig... you'll be in a "better" place... XD As for the Yakuza Aniki... a couple of guys here ride those... they can tell you more

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    Get yourself a good used hardtail. You get more for your money with hardtails. You get more for your money with used bikes. Therefore, you get a lot more for your money with a used hardtail. It'll hone your skills, and it'll probably be a little easier to pedal around than a big fat squish. But if you're deadset on a full suspension, look for used Bighits, Enduros, Stinkies, and Coilers. They'll be close to the cost of the Aniki.

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    There is a lengthy discussion on the aniki here:

    People seem to be overwhelmingly in favor, with the caveat that on parts you get what you pay for.

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    Yea will is right, a good hardtail, used or new. If you want to go ironhorse, get an 06 chimpara or bakuto. There pretty nicely speced out, and there like the hardtail verson of the Aniki.

    Good luck!

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    first bike? hardtail. no question. a full suspension will allow you to skip the [huge] learning curve on how to handle your bike at speeds and how to feel the trail.

    you can pick up nicely spec'd hardtails for $6-800 if you know where to look. check out ebay, the classifides on this site, or look for previous years' models at shops.
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    i would recommend one of the norco shore ht series especially the bigfoot if your on a bugdet, it has good geomethry and parts for going up and down the mountain, its also a good part time street bike or dirt jumper

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