Downhill Freeride Bar Question??-
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    Downhill Freeride Bar Question??

    I am upgrading from 24" cruisers to mountain bikes. I have ridden a few MTB and do not like the strait bars.

    I had a guy at the local tell me get the 50mm rise, since that is the max height for MTB. But don't think he rode parks or free ride.

    What do most free riders and dirt jumpers have for rises on their bars?

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Well on my DJ i have some 3" risers, because the front end is low (80mm fork) and I'm 6'2, and even then it feels pretty tall. On my FR/DH bike for the last year I've run the CZ 38 special from diety. It's got a bit of a rise (no too much) and some sweep as well. I can't stand strait bars either. On my slope bike (just recovered it, it was stolen about a year ago) I have sunline bars, don't know the specific model, but they feel very similar in sweep to my CZ bars.

    I can't say enough good about the CZ Diety bar. It's great. I have 3 friends that run it, and they all love it as well. It's very comfy. Plus the purple one is very pretty.

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    FR/DH bikes, dj's and 24" cruisers are definitely all different beasts. The bikes are going to feel different for sure, but you may want to leave some extra spacers on the fork to play around with the stem height as well. Any idea of what bike you're getting?

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    ride other dh bikes....and get the feel you want
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    There are no people I know that have DJ Bikes... They all ride regular MTBs... I like the DJ since the seat height is lower for better jumping and park riding...

    I am 6' tall and looking at the Mongoose Fireball 26".

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    Deity is one of the few companies with a very strong presence in both DJ and FR/DH realms. Moosey's recommendation is spot on. Call them up and ask for Sadie - she rawks and will give you the 411 on bars.

    Have FUN!

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