I figure people have already figured out the fitment but I just swapped mine based on BTI and a call to Formula to get my goodridge ss lines from my oro biancos to "the ones".
Part # is 107/101 for fitments and then the part #'s for colors are GE-1759 stainless black, GE-1755 red alloy, GE-1754 blue alloy and GE-1751 black alloy. The hose is standard 2mil stainless plastic sheeth goodridge hose cut to whatever length you need.

The lines fit: (1 front or rear) Shimano XTR-M965/966; Hope C2 (also fits Mini and M4 if wanting dual 90-degree fittings); Grimeca System-8/12; Shimano XT-M755, Deore-M555; SRAM 9.0; and Formula-B4/4Racing, Oro, The One (re-use caliper banjo-bolt)

Put a banjo (supplied) at caliper end and reuse the threaded shaft from stock "the one" lines at lever end. You will need a new olive and a press t-fitting that should have come extra with the brakes to do it.
Cut plastic shield back approx. 1/25" from end (ss line) and slide black housing over (you will need to slice the very end so it goes over plastic shield.
Then slide the threaded bolt and olive over SS (exposed mesh) and push t-fitting into end (be carefull there is a oring around it). push olive forward leaving 1/8" to end and slide into lever body then put the threaded shaft in and start to tighten.
It will crush olive so line internally compresses to fitting preventing leaks and push line base against the inner wall sealing it.

I will post pics up tomorrow or later tonight to show the items listed.