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    DH tire choice gone awry...

    I've had an issue with my DH bike this season. It seemed to under steer more and more these last few months. The under steer got so bad that I was actually compensating by hanging head to chest in front of the handlebar on turns.

    Ive adjusted the suspension, but I'm still a tad short of solving the issue. Everything came to a crux this weekend when I finally did not make it out of a high speed turn and slammed into a tree at Snow Summit. The exact corner is a sweeping right hand corner that comes into a high berm into a sharp and steep left hander in the middle of West Ridge.

    Looking at my bike at home, I couldnt figure out what else to do with the bike. It's sprung correctly, sag is good, all possible adjustments on the suspension were already made, tire pressures were addressed. Then... it hit me.

    I changed tires at the start of the season. To reduce uneven wear, my rear Vert compound Schwalbe DH Muddy Marys wore out so fast, I changed to Trailstar compound. I installed the usual Vert compound upfront. It worked great for a while.

    Until it wasnt. Inspecting the bike at home, the day of the crash, I noticed that my rear tires looked real nice and new, and my front tire was worn. Got a ruler and measured. My front tire knobbies were less than half the height of the rear.

    Hmmm, didnt think that would happen. My harder compound rear tire seemed to be getting more traction on dirt because of the much taller knobs. Changed the rear to last years front tire and will test again this weekend.


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    haha at the start of the season my tires had half tread left...they are so bad now that each turn is a thrill!

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    They are on in the correct tread direction right?

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    yeah, thread direction is right.

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