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    DH Tamarack Resort

    Hey. They got a trail, skills park, a-line style jump trail, and wall ride before they put siding on any of the condos. They got their priorities straight.
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    nice advertisement
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    Quote Originally Posted by SHIVER ME TIMBERS
    nice advertisement
    2nd that.
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    Very first post and someone comes in hyping a bike park in Idaho. Nice try, Pete.....very subtle.

    Kudos to Tamarack though for catering to the bikiing community (XC and DH). I'm sure as that resort is built out, it will become a destination for biking especially with it's proximity to McCall and other great riding.


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    I still appreciate knowing about one more place with a bike park. They're too few and far between.
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    They have a long ways to go, there is only one trail for downhill/freeriding and although it's fun it needs quite abit of work. The hip you see them hit is closed so you can't normaly hit it. The jump park is pretty good, they really need to work on the flow of the trail and build some new ones, but for how quickly they built it it's great something closer than brundage and it caters a little bit more to downhill and freeride.

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    I haven't ridden there yet (hopefully this upcoming summer though), but from what I hear from riders that have been there, it's gonna be really nice once everything gets built out.

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    That's cool. It's nice to see the sport growing... After viewing those pictures I can conclude that the freeride park consists of a single hip...
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    Its cool to see them do this, but with all the hype, and property values sky rocketing, i dont know if it will be affordable to go down there. I know a few people that have property in the mccall area, and alot of them are going to have to sell because of the inflation that tamarack has brought and how much property taxes have risen. But still might have to go down there and check it out at some point. at the very least, brundage is a nice place to ride in the summer. But the problem still remains whistler=8hrs away, tamarack=10+hrs away.
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    pretty cool but brundage is way better Tamarack is too flat no steeps at all i cant wait to see the race course though

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    I wanted to address the rider that said the hip we hit is usually closed. All we did was asked if we could build it and they were up there at 5:00 am with trucks, shovels, and an EMT...What I am saying is this mountain really wants to build what you as riders want but they don't know about freeriding at the current level. There are people working on it but if you think that freeriding is mainstream you'd be mistaken.

    As for the area, Brundage has more trails its true (so there are two great riding areas within 1/2 hour of each other), Whistler is hours away, both Alberta and southern CO/UT are equally far away. If your living in NCal, Montana, Oregon, WA, Idaho, or N Utah Tamarack and Brundage are a good bet and great places to expand your riding... When they began they built out miles of intermediate and beginner trails. They fully realize that now that these lower, flatter trails are in they will need to focus on harder trails builds. To those that think or have heard that this mountain is flat, you have not been out South or North boundaries becuase they are very very steep with huge cliffs and rocks. With more build out this mountain will come into its own nicely. Tamarack Resort has big mountains, a big budget, and wants your direct feedback and input reguarding what you want to see on the trails. Get yer A$$ over there and ride the trails and tell them what you want to have built. They built a sweet park the first month of there first year, and hired the best in the industry to build it.

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