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    DH brakes to Trail Brakes on DH Bike

    Would like to hear feedback from those who went from big dh breaks dual pistons like codes or saints to smaller xo or xtr trails single piston

    Do you notice much loss in stopping power or much brake fade?

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    I've gone the opposite way and live the improvement, the Juicy's I had would fade quickly on lift days or really long runs.

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    I run elixirs on my heavy slug of a big and don't have any noticeable issues... I swap them out every year typically with and buy one newer model set (on 5 bikes) so the DH bike always has the newest set, then move others down the line and retire the 5yr old brakes to sell/give to someone else.

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    I've got 4 bikes 3 of them full blown downhill bikes. They are all heavy bikes and im over 200 lbs.

    I really only notice the serious brake fade and heating of the rotors and even smelling the hayes brakes. I mean i weigh more and the bikes i ran were 45lbs so im sure i was really testing the brakes. I noticed i always was messing with the lever to get more reach.

    All in all they still worked but my 2011 code r really do the job well. in stopping power on dirt down a hill they both skid so i coudlnt say the codes are better because they are both skidding but the fade is super annoying so i retired the hayes to my urban bike.

    after inspecting the pads always get glazed over and i had to sand the glaze off the pad.
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    I went from running saints for 2 years to the new slx and I love them. My saints wouldn't keep a bleed, always had contamination problems, they were loud as ****. I tried everything with them, I know it's different than most peoples experience with saints. But so far the slx are holding up good. I love the feel of the lever, they have plenty of power, not as much as my saints on a good day, but they are consistently better. No more squeal! Can't bea them for the price.

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    just went from code r's (203/185) to xtr trails (180/180), and wow, definitely an improvement in modulation & lever feel, no loss of power over the biggert front rotor (possibly more), plus the shorty levers rock. haven't taken the new brake on any real sustained descent so can't say much about how well the icetech stuff does it's job keeping brake fade down. they squeal like a mofo when wet!
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    first off, research the shimano brake line up for 2011, xtr/xt/slx the new servo weave is plagued with problems, leaking calipers and master cylinders, it's that bad there is arround a six week waiting time for warranty replacement, and then the warranty replacement will suffer the same problems and your back to waiting another 6 weeks,

    i run magura louise bat on by knolly dt, they have been pretty good brakes, but i did notice on my last trip to whistler, as i have improved in skill and confidence i have become a faster rider, the brakes seemed to fade and suffer when doing runs from the top of the mountain. there were a few occaisions where it would take me a good few hundred meters to stop. so i am consideriing goin over to saints,

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    I've tried going from DH brakes to XC brakes in the past and can't stand it, the loss of braking power is too noticeable for me - i also tend to run more DH orientated tires for XC and AM for much the same reason.

    The extra weight from DH brakes is well worth the increase in performance. Xt and XTR's are good brakes with good power, but just not in the same league as a pure DH brake.

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