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    Dh am i the only one??

    I seem to be the only goon repping a hardsnail at the DH parks. I have rogate, swinley and stoughton all within 1/2 hour travel. Should i be making the switch or would i regret it..


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    you definately get skills riding a hardtail, but your body will thank you for riding full suspension when you are in mid 40's and later...Plus you will probablly ride faster with suspension
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    Regret what?

    Riding a full suspension.
    Hardtail downhill
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    I would definitely make the switch to a full suspension, makes the bigger tracks a lot more fun to ride although i live not all that far from Rogate myself and a hard tail pretty much does the job there


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    Definitely get full suspension.

    It's not 1995 any more.

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    Took me a while to figure out what "repping a hadsnail" was. Is that some kind of fetish?

    Yeah, you'll be by far in the minority riding a hardtail at a DH park. Not that it can't be done.

    It also depends on what hardtail your talking about. Are you're talking about a modern AM hardtail with a beefier fork, or are we talking a '95 Rockhopper with a glorious 63mm travel rockshox and a head angle so steep that you go OTB if you sneeze?

    Hardtails have their place and certain types of riding and trails (not just XC). I much prefer a HT for certain types of trails, and can be equally fast or faster at times on a HT than on my FS bikes, but DH park riding wouldn't be one of them.

    I find fork travel/performance to be the biggest limiter on my HT rather the lack of rear suspension. Your legs can provide a tremendous amount of suspension if you know how to use them properly.

    The high speed braking bumps/chatter at a DH park on the other hand would be pretty brutal on a HT, and there isn't a ton you can do technique wise to mitigate that other than creative line choice and riding with heavy feet /light hands (both of which you still do on an FS).

    Hardtails are pretty dang fun on a buffed out jump trail provided you've got decent transitions on the landings.

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