Demo 9 setup questions-
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    Demo 9 setup questions

    A few questions for Demo 9 owners:
    I demo'ed a demo 9, the bike was a blast. It handles like it is on rails. But I have a few questions before I pull the trigger...

    I have an FSR Team DH and notice first off that the cockpit is much shorter than the older bikes. The bike was set up with a fiarly stiff boxxer up front and the back end swinger was set up like mush. My bike is set up for the front and rear to match. Can this be done to a Demo 9 or does the swinger in the back need to be ultra plush? How much sag are you guys (or ladies) running? Can you get the susplension to match?

    I am just curious to what people's setups are like. Help a guy out. Thanks!!!!

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    I'm a little unclear on your post, are you saying the Demo 9 you rode had a stiff Boxxer up front? If so, I can't really comment on setup, as I my Demo 9 has a 888 up front.

    As to my setup, and assuming that your Demo will have the 888 (the stock build comes with a 888, so I assume that's what you'd have) the short answer is that yes, you can have a balanced bike--mine is.

    I run about 35% sag in the shock, and 20-25% sag in the fork, based on the advice of Scott Crabill. He has a whole article on 888 setup on his website ( that is excellent. He also explains why you want the different levels of sag, and how to properly set it for the fork.

    I'm a pretty big guy (6'3" 260lb) so I'm running a 550lb rear spring, stock is 450. I may upgrade to the x-firm springs for the fork, and I will be increasing the oil levels as well, but the thing still works unbelieveably well even in the current state.

    The rear is very plush and active, and keeps the back tire planted through about everything. It also picks up the big impacts from drops and jumps well. I would say it is not "mushy" at all on mine. As a note, there is a learning-curve to setting up the Swinger SPV system that may have been your bike's problem. You can adjust both SPV pressure AND volume, and in doing so can affect how the shock responds to different conditions as well as the linearity of the compression damping throughout the stroke. More volume = more linear travel, reduced volume = more progressive travel, i.e. compression damping ramps up as the shock compresses. As to SPV pressure, the higher the pressure, the less small-bump responsiveness you get, but the more solid a platrorm you get. I'm still learning how to make it work, but so far it is a pretty neat system.

    The 888 is in my opinion a fantastic fork. It is plush enough to pick up all the little stutter-bumps and the compression ramps up nicely so you don't bottom it through the big hits. I find I can blast through big braking-bumps and other line-destroying terrain and still track like I'm on rails. I think you would find it to be an enormous improvement over the Boxxer.

    Hopefully this gave you some of what you needed. Take it with a grain of salt as I'm still new to the bike myself, but the thing works excellent for me. Additionally, if you're thinking about getting one, my recommendation is to DO IT. I have never been so thrilled with any toy as this thing, and I continue to be amazed at what it will do. Since I bought it, I have been to the ski resort (Big Bear) with it every weekend, and I'm so much faster than I was before I can't believe it. As it would turn out, you CAN buy talent .

    Anyhow, let us know what you end up doing, and post some pics if you get it.

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