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    Demo 9

    I am lookong at getting a demo 9. Yesterday I tried it and absolutely loved it. It felt so plush. Not only does it feel sweet but it looks so cool. Also heard that they dont make them anymore, if I wanted to sell it would it sell for a lot because it is not made anymore or would it have to go for cheap because they quit making it? Does any one ride a demo 9?
    Does it feel nice on jumps and downhill?


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    My Demo 9 was the best downhill bike i have ever ridden! It is considered moe of a free- ride bike now since the D8 and now D7 have come out. Demo 9's weigh in around 47-49 lbs. I havent seen a used Demo 9 go for more than $2500 now. There are some new ones still floating at bike shops and going for im guesing $2800-4000. You most likely will not get much more than $2500 for a used demo9, even if you did just pay $3500 for it new. But get one! they rock!

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    you weigh 110lbs. You're going to have fun with a bike that's roughly half your weight...

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