Demo 8 Rear Shock Setup-
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    Demo 8 Rear Shock Setup

    So Ive looked everywhere but couldnt find what I need. I ride an 06 Demo 8 with a DHX 5 ,400 ti-spring and I'm 160.I'm much more into racing than hucking drops.Been riding the bike for a month now but still cant get the DHX dial in.A few hints would be apreciated...

    Bottom out?


    And specially how much air pressure ....I couldnt find a chart or anything like it in the owner manual I got.


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    Run the minimum air pressure recommended by Fox (that number is in your owner's manual). Run no propedal and pretty light bottom out for a very active feel.

    For pedally courses run a bit more air pressure and Propedal.

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    Alot of the setup is preference as far as how active you like the rear shock. has more of a racer crowd that can help you tune it better after you go through the initial steps in the fox manual of setting sag/air pressure

    I don't have a demo but what you want is here:

    pg. 3 shows you how to setup the sag. pg. 11 of the pdf shows you the chart for sag setting you need (just dont' exceed 300psi )

    later pages show you rebound adjustments/etc.

    edit: page 13 shows sag setup as well,
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    Your sag is actually set by your spring. I weigh 160 too and have a 450 lb spring not ti though so you may want to get a heavier spring. You set the sag by rotating your spring clockwise for less sag and counter for more. You want to start however where there is no slop in the spring and you don't want to go over two rotations, if you do then you need a heavier spring like I had too get. Have your air pressure at about 115, higher the pressure more active. 115 seems to be pretty dialed for me. Propedal totally depends on the course. Your bottom out you don't want set too high cause your not hucking it and you don't need to worry about bottoming it out so use it to it's potential. Oh by the way I have an '06 demo 8 too. Good luck

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