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    Clip in's or Flat

    Just want to know how many people ride with want. Are there advantages over the overs? Currently with CB 5050's , considering going to Mallets, just want to here peoples opinions.


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    I have been happy with my Kona Wah Wah flats. I may give the straightlines a try though.I am much more comfortable on flats for FR DH riding than clipped in, all personal preference.

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    Clipless pedals for DH/Freeriding are stupid. Notice I didn't say racing.

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    i have now officially ridden both on my dh rig. i'll still ride with clipless on the xc bike but i switched to flats on the whistler trip and liked it. had the clipless with me as i wasn't about to ruin a whistler trip struggling with flat pedals. but with a new pair of 5-10 impacts it was pretty much a non issue. i was afraid i would struggle not being attached to the bike i was surprised with how much of a non-issue it was. i think i was holding back a little the first day until my confidence was up and i proved to myself i wasn't going to be flying on the pedals over every jump. the next day it wasn't even a thought in my head and it turned out to be really nice not to have to clip in. plus, not that i do them very often, but i have MUCH more confidence on skinnies now that i'm not running clipless even though i never had an issue getting unclipped. i borrowed a set of flats from a buddy and really feel the 510s made a HUGE difference. i'm not really one to jump on the band wagon for anything but i compared the 5-10s to a couple other shoes i had lying around on the same pedals and the difference was impressive. i came home and found a decent deal on a set of twenty6 pedals and will be riding flats on the dh rig from now on. anyway, that is my long winded opinion and thoughts.


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    Running Easton Cullys and love 'em but may switch to Fatboys if I mess these up. I just don't think I could trust clipping in on a downhill bike, just seems too sketch if something were to happen w/ my foot getting snagged/caught.
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    Flats, you just decide on the length of the screws according to how much grip you want. Clip-ins for some pros/experts on some kinds of courses.

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    Flats allow you to maneuver on the pedals more. SPD for me limits the body english I can use. Riding courses that have some lil up hills is the only time I'll swap to clips but even then I usually stick to flats.

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    If the course has more left turns, clip your right foot and wear a 5.10 shoe on the left. Vise versa for courses with more right turns.
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    I own and ride both. In my opinion you should do the same and be free to choose based on the type of riding your doing.

    Also, I would suggest getting shimano clipless pedals over CB mallets. A quicker release angle and tension adjuster makes them much easier to learn on.

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    i own and ride both as well - honestly, i run the clips for anything with speed, they give me far better control on the bike as to the position of the rear wheel, hopping, pedaling, all that... As for my flats, i run those when i ride my home trails or im hiking, mostly because i purposefully find it impossible to keep my feet on, with flats i have no intention on going fast, i just want to drag bar and foot and hold it as sideways as possible. So pretty much, flats for messing around, clips for actually trying...

    i run shimano dx clips and Point1 Podium pedals, both are the best... i ran mallets for 4 months before i snapped the axle, crankbrothers wouldnt return my calls when i called to try to buy replacement parts even though it was under warrenty, ponied up for the dx's and i couldnt be happier...

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    I used to ride only clips. It helped me develop alot of bad habits. Switched to flats on everything now. I even like flats for AM riding, just burns more calories and ups the fun meter. You never know when and xc/am ride turns into a freeride!!!
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    Are you really making yet another clips vs flats thread? Research before you post man there is only a hundred thousand of these. Smh. Flats for what it's worth

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    XC-riding clips. DH-flats
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    Quote Originally Posted by jurichar View Post
    I used to ride only clips. It helped me develop alot of bad habits. Switched to flats on everything now. I even like flats for AM riding, just burns more calories and ups the fun meter. You never know when and xc/am ride turns into a freeride!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lelandjt View Post

    If the course has more left turns, clip your right foot and wear a 5.10 shoe on the left. Vise versa for courses with more right turns.

    No, not those. Anything but those, the worst of both worlds: bad platform side, cheap clipless side and a 50% chance it'll be the wrong side up any time you want to step on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azdog View Post
    XC-riding clips. DH-flats
    Oh DH for flats now huh?

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    I used clipless with road cycling. I fell a few times and got injured because I couldn't unclip. (road rash is nasty)
    I learned mountain biking basics 4 years ago riding in flats. I fell occasionally but the results were nothing serious other than minor cuts and bruises.
    I first started to learn DH 2 years ago and stuck with flats. I am injury free. (armour helps) but flats did not hold me back from progressing quickly to advanced technical. I have no reason to switch to clips

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    In a poll of pros at one of the world cup events, about 65% used clip-less and 35% used flats. It surprised me a bit cause I thought it would be the opposite. If not racing, I think most freeriders use flats.

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    People will talk smack, but I've loved my CB pedals since day one. I went back to flats for about a year. Twenty6 pedals and 5.10's were awesome, but I missed the ability to really feel like I could control the rear of my bike. So, back to clips I went.

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    seems like the majority of single track/AM prefer flats?

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    Specialized flats and Sam Hill 5.10's
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