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    Canfield ONE

    Anyone have any experience with The One? Positive or negative, I'd like to hear it.

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    I have seen a couple broken ones, usually on the bottom of the top tube just behind the headtube.

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    I just built one up last week. I was going to hold off on posting until I had some serious ride time on it this weekend in moab... I'll update this later =)

    Here is a quick build spec:

    Small Frame w/maxle rear end
    Fox 36 fork
    Shimano SLX crank/bb
    22/36T chainrings
    Blackspire Stinger chainguied
    Avid codes
    mavic 823 UST/hope proII hubs
    2.5 minion/2.35 HR UST
    Fox RC4 rear shock w/steel coil
    grav. dropper turbo

    No official weight yet, but it is def. sub 35lbs.

    This is honestly my new favorite bike. I have an '06 RFX and Highline. This bike fits nicely in between those too. Honestly I could sell both bikes and just ride the One full time.

    The great:

    The rear suspension is ridiculously good, and I haven't begun to fiddle w/the damping options on the RC4. It feels bottomless, and handles chatter very well. The 36 has a real hard time keeping up with the rear end in the chatter. Not to say the 36 isn't a great fork, I just haven't had time to dial it in yet. You have to consider this is the exact same suspension present on the can diggle, which is a full blown freeride bike. This thing has travel and plush goodness for days.

    I'm riding this bike faster on the same sections as my highline (w/a dialed marz 66 RC2X infront DHX 5.0 w/Ti spring in back.) The scary part is, I don't realize just how fast I'm going until it's time to slow down (or I meet some frightened hikers!) The bike is very confidence inspiring and you feel right at home the first time you ride it. This is a quality I don't find in too many bikes, and one of the main reasons I bought my turners.

    With all this stability I kind of expected the bike to be a slouch and not jump/hop well. I was sorely mistaken. This bike is waaay flickable. Instead of avoiding rocks I'm looking to send them to avoid the next obstacle or set me up for a corner. Absolute riot is the only way I can describe this!

    The other highpoint of this bike is the pedaling. You can seriously sprint on this bike and watch the shock and the bob is very-very minimal. This bike just gets up and goes instead of wallowing about. The freaky thing is thus far the suspension is still very active. There are a few highspeed (descent right into a steep pitch) rocky climbs that I would have to carry my speed and pick my way through on my other bikes, but I'm able to pedal all the way through on the One. There is no "hanging" or "lurching" through pedal strokes. The only other bikes I've noticed this quality on are the DW link rides.

    Climbing (I know this is the DH forum): Last night I tried the one out on one of the gnarliest tech climbs around. It's basically a hikers trail, you almost never see any other riders climbing it. The technical climbing is on par w/my RFX. Square edge climbs and steep grinds are much improved due to better traction. The only bad I can say here is the front end likes to wander (lift) a bit. This could be due to the short stem I'm running though (40mm.) My RFX had a bit of this also but I could really slam the u-turn lyrik and just scoot up on the nose of the seat to completley eliminate it. The one is very close in climbing ability thus far, but I'll hold off on a conclusion until I have had some more time to get used to it.

    The frame feels plenty stout thus-far. It is not pitched as a free-ride bike, but I have no concerns about strength/durability. Visually, my highline is more stout (but also several pounds heavier!) But the highline is like the holy grail of stiffness (IMO.)

    I haven't had any time sending anything big on it (20-25ft gaps & 8-10ft drops are about as big as I go!) but I'll def. report back later after riding moab this w/e.

    The not-so great

    The only issues w/this bike:

    The fork contacts the downtube on small size frames. This is a show stopper for some people, but pretty common on alot of other small frames (my highline has the same thing, due to a low stack headset.) IMO the pros of this bike far outweigh this con. I'have just used some foam tape to act as a bumper on the downtube.

    Short seat tube. Again, small sizes only. I got this bike to climb (and descend!) on, but quickly discovered the seat tube isn't long enough to fit a full length seat post and get the amount of drop/extension I wanted. I have always wanted to try out a grav. dropper, so this was my chance. Now I wouldn't ride without it! For some people (who don't mind their seats higher for descending) this won't be a problem. The Med/Large frames appear to have plenty of length.

    Traditional bearings, no grease ports: A turner owner thing.. If you've used this system you understand!

    The build quality and finish is on par w/most other frames I have owned (transition/santa cruz etc.) Turner edges it out w/the finish quality. I'm not a picky guy, so as long as the durability and ride is there, I'm totally happy. The ano finish looks great and appears to be super durable.


    I have searched for a long time for a bike to meet my riding style and think I've finally found it. In summary I'd say the One is for the descender who likes to climb. This frame is a killer deal I can not believe there isn't more hype about this bike! I was holding out for the DW RFX but glad I made the jump to Canfield! Now I have to decide between a Jedi or DW DHR!

    Huge thanks to Chris/Lance/Andrew for hooking it up! Keep up the good work guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occy
    Anyone have any experience with The One? Positive or negative, I'd like to hear it.
    Its not a fr or dh frame. You need to be looking at a Can diggler or wait till they are available again, unless you ride a small.

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