canfield lucky and air shocks-
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    canfield lucky and air shocks

    So a bunch of people said air shocks don't work well because of progressive linkage etc.

    Something about not getting full travel etc.

    Well against better recomendation I picked up a roco WC air for it and mounted it.

    Lo and behold I'd get max 70% travel before it firmed up pretty progressively... after a day of contemplating modifying the frame with shock shuttles to change linkage rates etc I went back to camp and started fiddling.

    Let all the air out, still no full travel hmmm shock seemed to hit bottom out too early... how odd.

    Then I noticed that the shock was interfering with the swing link.

    I had mounted it the same orientation as the DHX5, ie piggy back to front.

    However that means the roco interferes, turn that sucker around, voila, full travel.

    Due to where it was hitting the link was close to the shock bolt, hard to see and had lots of leverage meant I didn't spot it, and the bottom out was err "progressive feeling" lol

    I know I know, cool story bro.

    However, once turned around, on the next day, the thing worked like a dream, got full travel no problem with 33% sag set. It feels miles better than the DHX5C. Like annoyed I didn't do this sooner good!!

    Since the bike feels amazing with the roco WC air, no harsh ramping, just smooth pillow landings all the way to bottom out, brake bumps disappear etc, where the DHX5 would get overwhelmed and spike the roco was silk.

    So which way did you mount your air shock fellow lucky owners? and are you sure that progressive feeling was due to the shock and not link interference?

    (I also feel like some what of a tool for not seeing that at assembly lol)

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    cool story bro....

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    Good bit of info. There are lots of Lucky owners who will appreciate this. Let us know long term how that roco air holds up. thanks,

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    lol good thing ur bike no bend shock actually.
    <(*-*<) Go Ride (>*-*)>

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    I will stick with my Avy as i have tried Marzocchi and i hated it!! I love the way the Avy works all the time never needs service and never leaks like my Marzocchi.I always had to put air in the Marzocchi and never felt as smooth as my Avy Woodie the best IMO. I am glad it works for you but i will run Avy for life. I hate to have to fix and adjust the stuff Marzocchi is making and am going to sell off all my Marzocchi suspension as they have lost me as a customer. I am saying this cause i beat the crap outta my Avy fork and shock and it works all the time and no leaks and i service every 3 years not every 6months.

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    fair enough.

    The main point I was trying to make in my long winded post was that an air shock (like the roco WC) does in fact work rather well on the frame (compared to the DHX5C that was on there) and not suffer from the ramp up at the end of stroke which prevents full travel as I was told by a bunch of people.

    It also made me wonder if this "ramp up" was real and not due to incorrect (but right looking) mounting of said air shock(s) and thus hitting the swing link, which would then prevent full travel (and probably break something long term).

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    I was just trying to give some feedback with my experiences.

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