Canfield Bros One sizing Question-
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    Canfield Bros One sizing Question

    first off, sorry if this is the wrong forum. but a lot of Canfield Bros posts are from here.

    anyway, I was wondering if a small ONE would be too small for me. I'm 5'8" with a 30" inseam. currently I'm on a small DB Mission 2 and it seems to fit me ok, trail riding is awesome due to its small size, but roading it to the trails is a little uncomfortable, not unbearable, just uncomfortable.

    Do you think that I could get away with a small? could I make it fit my body without affecting its performance too much?

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    I would call the canfield brothers and ask them. The number on the site goes straight to their cell phone. They would be the best to ask and they would be honest too.

    Those One clearout specials are a great deal.

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    I'm 5'10" and medium frame works very well for my riding (trails/all-mountain). So in your case small frame could work very well but nothing beats finding one for test ride.

    Few fellow riders have ridden my bike and based on their comments 5'9" to 5'10" is quite optimum for medium frame in our style of riding and terrain. 5'11" tall have said that riding downhill is not problem but for pedaling and general trail riding larger frame would be needed. If I looked correctly frame sizing in Canfield website, small and medium are closer together compared medium and large so small could work very well in your case.

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    I'm 5' 6 1/2" with a 29" inseam.
    I ride a small Can Diggle, pretty much the same as a the current One, but built a bit stronger, so the sizing should be similar.
    I run short stem (Thomson X4 50mm) and do all my riding on this bike. Long XC, Freeride, lift served DH, (used to switch forks from a Fox to a 40, but am getting a 180mm Fox 36, so that will be the do it all fork now). I ride with guys on Reigns and Nomads, 575's etc. for most of the xc stuff. Keep up just fine.
    Riding a straight post, I am very comfortable on long climbs, but I've never been a stretched out racer XC type rider, preferring in general a shorter cockpit. So much better for technical riding/ descending, and being " acceptable" for climbing.
    "Always Ride."

    -Anthony S.

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    thanks for the input so far guys!

    I would love to get a demo bike.... from ANY brand, but living in juneau, AK we don't have much. In fact, our bike shop only deals Jamis and only their lower end stuff.

    thanks for that breakdown. that gives me almost all the info I need. I'll just have to compare geo for the Mission 2 with the ONE to see where its different. But from what you said, the small ONE will work for my riding.
    I'd be unstoppable... If I could just get started !!

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