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    Brake Power meter?

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    This is a fantastic idea, but there's probably no need to go to such great lengths to achieve it. You could do it at the lever, and express the brake power applied as a % of max, by calibrating the max first (asking the rider to grip with max strength 10 times).

    The absolute power is irrelevant - because, actual impact on bike velocity will be a function of brake power, but also coefficient of friction (which is a function of disc/pad heat, pad type, rotor type, etc), plus wheel/bike/tire weight, traction, etc.

    What's important is how hard you are braking relative to YOUR max, throughout the run, which then needs to be compared between runs, or, between riders.

    There's an opportunity for a Strava style app which collects this and then compares rider-to-rider, so that you can understand where and how faster riders brake.

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    Hey cool! Just seeing this post.

    Power is actually the way to do it. Measuring just lever movement and the effects on velocity overlooks other changes along the trail that affect velocity. Things like hitting bumps, changes in surface friction, or changing trail gradient will all affect velocity. Even brake pressure isn't that great as braking effectiveness will change as the pads/rotors change temperature.

    Anyway, the sensors are much smaller (finally!!) and I put together a video with the telemetry overlay-->

    I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the gauges on the video. Normalized brake power and normalized brake work are two algorithms I developed with a colleague while at the university to make the numbers easier to compare between riders/runs/trails. To me the rolling chart of brake power (front + rear) just really makes it all make sense visually.

    More to come!
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