Bolle Nova Goggles-
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    Bolle Nova Goggles

    Rode with them 3 times in the alps.
    Mate borrowed them, due to crappy conditions and must have used his glove to clean them on the inside and scratched the life out of the lense.

    When i bought them i thought to my self, Get Electric (a brand ive never heard of) or get bolle. The options in the shop. I went for what i thought would be the bigger brand with possbly some customer support!

    Ive sent 3 emails to Bolle Direct and never got a reply in 3 weeks.
    Contacted 3 retailers from the list of retailers of Bolle Products, one a snow board shop, one opticians, and one online.
    Only got a reply from the snow board shop. Bolle dont do replacement lenses.
    I paid 45 Euros in france and have a RRP of 40 UK from what i can gather and i cant get a lense for them.

    So far i have bought 1 pair of Bolle coachwhips, Worked well, Stood on them a few times and they were fine. 1 pair of Bolle titan2 glasses, lost them on a island while canoeing, 1 Pair of Titan2 Polerized Lense, Still have them. And another decent set of glasses for XC from Bolle.

    Guess what.
    I wont be buying another set as there customer service appears to suck beyond all my expectations. Ive been told that there are no replacement goggle lenses in the UK. The dont aim on doing replacement lenses ive been told. SO the moment you buy them your stuffed if you have a accident with them. The whole unit is a scrapper!
    If ive been fed rubbish info by the dealer then i retract everything, but to spend good money on a 2008 Model from a top brand, still on the order books and not have support SUCKs.
    Id expect that kind of service for the toy in a happy meal, (but you would get a replacement if you asked no doubt)
    In reality the packaging would probably cost more on a replacement hard is that to stock...

    I dont normally complain but this has left me shocked.
    Can i ask for recomendations on a pair of goggles that replacement lenses are available, as scratches are inevitable...
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    they come in a crazy amount of colors

    expensive though

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    Blur B1, I love mine
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    Quote Originally Posted by StinkyFTW
    Blur B1, I lone mine
    me tooo.....blurs
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