Bike stolen...steal it back-
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    Bike stolen...steal it back

    check this

    this is awesome....
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    Love IT!
    Criminal masterminds of Boulder...hummm. Must have been visiting the dispensery a bit too often, yeah?

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    haha thats awesome! the only way to get something back is to do it yourself, law enforcement is useless for the most part unless it's an auto.

    i recovered a $2500 motorcycle suit that was super rare.. i had bought it off eBay from europe. DHL delivered the package to my doorstep, someone stole the package off my doorstep. i saw it on ebay 3 days later ...cops didnt do **** for me although they had all the info.

    i found out the ebay users real name - it was a girl, i found out her husbands name, the name of their kid, their address. i got this by going through their ebay feedback and contacting people that had sold stuff to her. finally one of them gave up the info after listening to my story.

    i bid on the auction and got in phone contact, i setup a sting operation. it was super shady, the girl almost flaked out.. ended up meeting 3 hours later than expected. they wanted to meet behind a hotel at 11pm. i had 2 of my friends meet them out in the front of the hotel.. they came walking around the side (girl + big guy). once they started meeting up with my two friends i came with about 4 other friends from behind and said "HEY NICE SUIT.... IT'S MINE", snatched the suit out of her hands, handed her a piece of paper that had the police report #, her name, her husbands name, her address..

    she ****ing flipped out and immediately said I HAD NO IDEA I WAS SELLING IT FOR MY BABYS DADDYS FRIENDS yadda yadda yadda.. the big guy was immediately cool and said he had no idea and didnt want any part of it.

    anyways long story short, i recovered my suit, *****es! cops suck.

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    Good stories!

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    cool story but be careful out there folks. in this economy people are desperate to make ends meet or get money any way they can which leads to irrational thoughts and actions. stay safe out there
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    took it for a test ride and kept riding... thats awesome!

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    Steal it back indeed

    When I was 15, my bike was my car, and it was my everything, where all my money went. it was a used GT rebound for 275, I believe. Anyways, the local druggie/scumbag kids stole it, and I knew but had no proof. *******s rode by on it one day, with one of them on the handle bars. I jumped on my friends huffy with my pellet pistol. Me being in great shape caught them easily, even after the driver abandoned the rider. I waved the gun(which looks super real) and he dropped the bike and ran. Never had trouble with them again...

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    Like a boss

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    A few years ago my son's 20" GT Thumper was stolen outside our place. A month later I was driving through a neighboring town and saw some ass riding it! Pulled over and it was my neighbor who stole it! Nearly beat the chit out of this kid but he was a minor. Got the bike back! However, the night before I went and bought my son a new F2 Haro. Timing LOL. Glad to hear stories like this!
    I'm thinking about shreddin' it up right now!
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