Banshee frames(need advice/what size?)-
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    Banshee frames(need advice/what size?)

    In hopes of getting some input I've linked to my other thread.

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    Can't help you with the size. I rode an XL Chap cuz I'm 6'5".

    As far as Scream vs. Chap, it depends.
    Are you gonna just huck it or trail ride on it too?

    If you're looking to do any sort of pedaling, stick with the Chap.
    Both bikes are solid as tanks, can take a ridiculous amount of punishment, but they both are on the piggish side of the scale as result of their "tankness".

    If you're just starting out like you said and need a trail-worthy ride too.....the Chap is your ticket.

    What's interesting is that the Bullit you're gonna use for XC has more travel than the Chap.
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    Don't even worry about the Chap...

    if 10ft. is your starting point, you will be going bigger, thus you will need the superior freeride bike. Starting with the frame, you will need a Scream. I'm 6ft and ride a large, my buddy is 6ft 1in and he rides a huge, but wants a large. I say go for a medium. Yes, they are heavy, but there is nothing that even compares.....

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    ooga booga

    U wanna know what size...thats easy, go to a shop that carries banshees, sit on a few different size screams, and pick the one thats right for you
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    i'm 6"3 i ride an 03 Large frame, my friend has a 03 Medium frame both are fnie for FR, but mine is a bit nicer to pedal up hills with the slight increase in cockpit area, i had a very short stem on scream at first and was a bit to small knee's were very close to handlebars with a 888R direct mount stem it's dead perfect

    just look at it this way, you wanna be all fancy and whip your bike around more in the air get a medium, if u want a slighter harder bike to whip around, but be a bit more comftorable to pedal graba large.

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    5 10" and ride a medium Chap.
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