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    Balfa Minuteman?

    so im looking at getting a balfa minuteman as a jump/street bike cause i found a really great price, i know they got bought out by rm and was wondering about warantee issues, as well as how the bike rides, and also sizing. I have a 33 inseam, and ride a medium devinci ollie and a long zoo pitbull. thanks for your help


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    if u break that frame, i would be very surprised. make sure its a long frame if you have a 33inseem. they r great bikes, do a search for post, we have a few topics up here, post a pic of ur build when ya finish it up

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    Don't quote me on this, but I was under the impression that Balfa is no longer in business. May just be a lame rumor, but something worth checking out. The last time I checked their Web site it hadn't been updated since April...

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    they are officially not producing bikes but they are trying to get the company up and running again, prollyfor 2006
    i have a minuteman, they are amazing bikes, sounds like a long for you, thats what i ride
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    they didnt get bought by RM, they got bought by the company that owns RM which is Procycle (the makers of CCM and other dept store junk). Yeah like was said, kinda flip-flopping.

    I'd expect the same care that Pacific offered old GT customers....
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    no doubt you must have majored in english or something rad!!!

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    Don't know about the warranty since I haven't broken mine (and really don't plan on it happening). All I can speak for is the ride itself. That being said I really like mine. I use it as my DJ bike mainly.

    The only thing of note in the ride is the head angle. I measured mine with a 5" fork to be around 67 degrees. (Most DJ bikes run about 69-70) So, I run a 3" fork to steepen it up. I like the slacker head angle personally, but some feel it detracts from the bikes handling. Other than that quirk the ride is exactly what you would think you would get out of a quality steel frame. I would definitely get another one... warranty or not...

    Edit: As for sizing... Inseam really isn't as important as your height... Since with most jumping bikes standover is never a problem. I ride the small size and it has about a 22" top tube (21.5 actual), which is great for me, but I am only 5'-10" and like smaller cockpit dimensions. Not sure how much longer the longs are, but probably an inch. Which is a significant amount, and effects the feel of the bike trememdously. Measure your bike now and match it up... that would be your best bet.
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