Bad rattling and vibration.-
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    Bad rattling and vibration.


    So I rode a trail today that someone was telling me about down Little Cottonwood Canyon and I rode some sections that would shake and vibrate my bars to the point I had to stop because my hands and fingers were numb and sore. This is the first time on my new bike riding a rail and I just did Seal Cleaning Procedure last night and my fork feels good but what can I do to get rid of this? Is it just the trail or is it something I can help and Does anyone else have this?

    Also, does anyone ride w/out gloves? I lost one of mind and I want to ride again today if it won't be too much of an issue


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    i prefer to ride without gloves i feel more comfortablte but its all jus personal opinion i can ride either way and as fer ur bike i dnt no what to tell u sorry man
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    Have or did you do any tuning on your suspension?
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    My rear suspension is fine other than a small play in the frame but my 2008 40 has a spring for 150-180 lbs riders and I am 135 but the fork felt pretty good when I backed off the pre-load all the way I have the compression all the way minumum both high and low but it is kind of weird because that is what it says on the Fox site is for "average" compression. It may just be the trail though being super rocky, but I do have to stop and let my hands recover after about 3 mins of straight riding. The rebound is 10 clicks out on both the fork and shock (out of 15 in terms of rebound speed, 15 being fastest) The shock is an 09 DHX 5.0 coil with 450 lb spring (again a bit heavy but I did bottom it with some bottom out resistance and no preload.Maybe my air pressure too high? I run 37 front and 40 back because I don't want to get a pinch flat.

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    You need a lighter spring, so you can effectively use your compression dampening circuits.

    And yes, you're running pretty high tire pressures, your tires are deflecting off the rocks more instead of conforming, thus forcing your oversprung fork to do more work, and that transfers more rattle up to your hands.

    Lighter spring, use your compression dampening, lower the tire pressures.
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    Try lss comp and possibly open up the rebound to see if its spiking or limited in the chatter.
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    Less compression? Both high and low are backed out all the way already. i will try lower air pressure in the tires and a little faster rebound. i think a lot of it is also because the trail is very rocky. But man some sections if i am going fast i feel like I almost get rattled off the bike. I am going to go up for one more round in a bit and let you know how it goes.

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