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    azonic outlaws

    i am thinking about getting some. I have heard that they are really strong. is this true? what would you guys rate them?

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    My Outlaws are my do it all wheel. I have the 36 spoke version from about 4 years ago... I've blown 5 or 6 brake side spokes in the rear, but they still run perfectly true and no flat spots. The hubs still work as well as the day I bought them.

    I weight 240lbs, ride a mix of freeride, dirt jump, and park on them.

    My next wheels will again be Outlaws.

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    ive had a couple friends who had them, pretty soft rims in my opinion... you get what you pay for.. they also weigh a metric ton which really changes the way your bike will handle.

    i'm sorry but no rim will run true if you blow 5-6 spokes out unless the spoke tension was really that horrible to begin with. they are a good budget backup wheelset, but i wouldn't put them on my bike if i did a lot of DH.

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    I have some, the newer 32 spoke ones, and they are very beefy. obviously they will weigh more than the more expensive wheelsets, but they aren't bad. Also the hubs do spin forever which is nice for spots you can't really pedal thru. If you dont want to spend an arm and a leg on your wheelset they are tits!

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    They are a great wheel, Im 215 pounds I have the new 32 spoke ones and used the older ones too.
    Good value for money no problems and very strong.
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    great value for the money and they hold up well
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    i'm sorry but no rim will run true if you blow 5-6 spokes
    I replaced them as they broke silly. Who rides with 5 or 6 spokes missing? 1 or 2 is no biggie, but come on.

    I was just stating that the only issues I've had with them in 3 or 4 seasons of really nasty riding is a few blown spokes. Never had an issue with flat spots, cracks, or hub internals.

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    I have a few friends who ride with them and as previously stated, for the money they are hard to beat. I have a good friend who didn't want to spend the money for a 12 X 150 Deemax wheel so he sold his pair and picked up some Outlaws.
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    Good DH wheel for the money, but alot of times you can build a lighter, just as strong wheelset on for the same money.

    Have a friend who knows about wheels help you build a set using their custom wheel builder on their site, and see if you can get what you want.

    But the Outlaws are a good option too
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    They've been pretty good for me so far. Got them partially because they come in an anodized red, but mainly b/c I saved something like 1.5lbs. for the set compared to the Transition 36's I had previously. While bombproof, those were bricks. Would've gone with some Transition 32's but found the Outlaws for cheaper.
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    I have both the outlaws and transitions...I favor the outlaws. I also picked up a set of lightly used deemax for $350 ( with a really good set of Highrollers still on 'em) so keep your eyes open.

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