Anyone using SRAM Guides brakes for DH?-
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    Anyone using SRAM Guides brakes for DH?

    I have Guides on my trail bike and I love them. Currently have Formula Megas for DH, and theyre getting long in the tooth and require quite a bit more finger pressure than later brake releases. I've had Shimano XT's, they're reliable but grabby. Not horribly so, I just don't like it like that. I think the Saints might be worse.

    I'm 165, dont need super powerful stoppers. Not a 50 mph kinda guy. More like 25-35. I do like modulation and the ability to use light finger pressure. To illlustrate, the way Ive got the Guides set up, if you press them fully, they will go to the bar. however, when braking, it never goes to the bar because you dont have to press that deep to stop.

    Considering the Formula ROs, but my one complaint about Formulas is you cant adjust the reach to just a hair shy from the bar. My Megas have a stop about 1/2 inch from the bar. Duhno if that's been improved recently, if anyone has info, that would make me consider another set of Formulas.

    Thanks for the advise.

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    I switched from the XT's on my dh bike to the guide rs'. XT's were good but just not enough power and I've always preferred the spongier feel of the avid levers. I was jaded on avid for a long time until I tried the guides. Sure they are four piston so automatically will be stronger then the XT's but for me it was the feel as well. Saints and Zees are definitely going to have more power but you can't beat the $200 set price of the guides. I'm 165-170 as well and ride south mountain here in AZ and Bootleg in Nevada if that helps.
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    I do and I can say they are the best brakes I've had... (vs 2010 codes, 2011 codes, elixirs, saints, XTR's). Consecutive shuttles down steep fade and the modulation is unmatched. Power is not the strongest, but more than enough.

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    I've tried them in August last year in Whistler during 2015 Demo S-Works test rides. I really liked them. Nearly as good feel as XTs. That good, that I've decided to keep Guides which came with 2015 Glory 0.
    Unfortunately, Guides than came with Glory few weeks ago were spongy out of box. Especially rear brake. Rebled them few times, but never got them working like those on demoed Spec.
    I will ask LBS to work on them. If they are not as snappy/grabby as I want, I will probably got for 2016 XTs.

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