Anyone tried the new Fox 911 Launch knee/shin guard?-
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    Anyone tried the new Fox 911 Launch knee/shin guard?

    I'm mainly interested if they would be cool enough for 90 degree plus weather. How comfortable are they and do they stay put?


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    The new ones? i have Fox 911s and their really nice,comfortable and not to hot.they have 3 straps so they stay in place on your leg.I have the 2004 ones i guess so maybe your talkin 05s? either way their nice shinnies
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    yeah same, i got the 04 and they pretty good
    id go for them
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    ive had a pair of the 05's for a few weeks now and they seem to live up to fox's claim. They DONT slide around at all!They are comfortable and quick to take on and off thanks to the neat-o strap system. Ayo enough out of me, the pads work well

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    Yeah, what tron said. They are pretty nice, and I'm comparing them to my last set, Roach FR's. Very light, comfy, and are quick to take on and off. The only iffy thing is the strap system. I'm wondering if it will wear out. Oh yeah, I've been riding in 100F temps and they don't bug.

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    I have had them for about 6 weeks and they are the best hands down. I have worn them under jeans and they did not get to hot. I rode on Saturday which was 85 + degrees with shorts and they were great. I have used the '04 fox 911's and the 661 knee/shin guards and they don't compare to these. The launch system is by far the best because of the x-up straps which keep them in place.

    They are also vented vell and have a very well designed knee cup. I have been doing a lot of urban riding while waiting for Keystone and Vail to open for the season but I have done a fair amount of trail riding (even some shuttled downhill in Moab) so for the 6 weeks I have used them they work great in all conditions. I can't say I have rode in 90 + degree weather yet but Saturday in CO was close.

    The only thing I am worried about is the quick release tab but I have taken them on and off a bunch and I don't see ANY wear yet. If you need a new pair of knee/shin get these the kick a$$


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    The strap system is even better than the Roach, but the plastic is still weaker and the padding still isn't as good as the Roach.

    I tried pedaling both around and kept the Roach. However, they're the only other shin guards that stay up, so Fox gets points for that. Beef up the plastic a bit and put some more cush behind the existing padding and they'd pull ahead.

    Keep in mind when you try on the Roach armor that there is a left and right shin, but they are NOT LABELED. If you have them on wrong they'll slip and you'll wonder why they fit so badly.

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    I like the new Troy Lee knee/shin pads. has them on sale for $54.

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