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    Anyone ridden both of these? Knolly Delirium or Banshee Darkside or park bike w DC/SC

    I'm looking for a bike that can take both a DC and SC fork. Both Delirium and Darkside are billed as park bikes with a slant towards jump trails rather than pure DH.

    Personally, I'm no lightweight (230ish). I live in the Midwest and hit up some DH parks in WI and MI a couple times a summer (SC fork territory), and usually make it to some bigger parks in the East/West about once a year (DC territory).

    Could anyone who's ridden both weigh in on what they liked and didnt from each bike? Even if you haven't ridden both, if you've ridden one would love to hear your experience as well.


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    I owned a Darkside (still own it but its in storage 1000 miles away and only gets used a few times a year). Mine is setup 26in wheels with the convertible 26" dropouts so has shorter chainstays, although I have used it with 27.5, but seemed more playful with 26". Also have demoed the knolly, both are super fun bikes, the knolly was more work to manual but that might have been the way it was setup, and the longer chainstays. The knolly I remember felt pretty planted with their suspension setup. Another to throw into the mix is the canfield balance. I demoed that the same day as the knolly and it was my favorite bike of the day geo wise, the shorter chainstays made it nice and playful like my banshee darkside in 26 mode. They are all great bikes, although pretty heavy compared to today's modern longer travel carbon bikes like a santa cruz nomad or pivot firebird.

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    I have s Canfield Balance (16) set it up with a coil shock and a 170 mm fork, itís handled everything Iíve thrown at it including 4 days in Whistler recently

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    I own a Balance as well; it really is the perfect bike for what you describe and is overbuilt so no worries at your weight.

    Have FUN!

    G MAN
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    I have the older Delirium (gen 2) and it's an amazing bike. I have had zero issues with it. I couldn't believe how much climbing traction it has compared to my previous specialized expert. That said, the XL does feel a tiny bit short in the top tube, but I'm 6'4.5" so I'm an anomaly.
    never made any noise from the pivots, no maintenance issues at all. I have it setup with a fox 40 in front.

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    No time on the Knolly, but I rode the Banshee Darkside 26" last year, and will again this year in 650B mode, mostly at the Whistler Bike Park. I had to go with a stiffer spring than stock to get the amount of pop I wanted in jumps. The Banshee is a very composed bike, smooth and quiet. It is a bit small-feeling compared to full-blown DH bike, but it's not designed with racing in mind. It's fun! I put an X2 air shock and Fox 40 on it for this year, and changed the dropouts so I can run bigger wheels. First ride is on Friday - so stoked!

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    if your looking to earn any of your turns i would for sure go with the Delirium. i've got mine built up pretty light and i can ride all day on it. i throw a beater wheel on the back for park days.

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