Any body wear Knee braces?-
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    Any body wear Knee braces?

    Thinking of get some braces to protect my knee ligaments and patella in the future. Would like to compile a list of makers to see which ones if any that can be cover under my insurance. What I have come up with so far are BREG X2K and CTi Pro Sport both make a MX attachment, but need more options. I do no that Asterisk is not covered by insurance and it doesn't fit the multi-purpose bill

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    Two Don Joy Defiance's . . . one for each knee!

    Saw the 2011 TLD catalogue and it looks like they have a "medical" grade brace . . . pretty interested.

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    Will your insurance cover you against protection? vs. stabilizing an existing injury?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truckee Trash
    Will your insurance cover you against protection? vs. stabilizing an existing injury?
    I think he's talking about the insurance paying for the braces, not for accidents/injuries involving the knee.

    Oh....I see what you're asking. Nevermind. I don't know what you have to do to get the insurance to pay for the braces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRob
    I don't know what you have to do to get the insurance to pay for the braces.
    Once you've blown a knee most of the time they will cover you for a brace, sometimes not for a premium one like a cti, often you have to pay the difference.

    I use asterisk, nothing spectacular, but when set up right I'd thin they'd protect against injury rather well.

    My knee pops out relatively often, and I find that the asterisk brace makes it MUCH more difficult to get my knee back in, so I only wear them for certain sports. In sledding (the motor kind) I can't wear them at all, but biking they work very well.
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    I have a torn acl and removed meniscus in my left knee and wear a DonJoy when I do any type of physical activities because of it. If you have a knee problem insurance should cover the difference of the brace for you or do a half and half purchase with you. I personally do not mind wearing the brace because I have worn it almost my whole life and it doesn't effect your movement much after you are used to it. Just make sure you wear a protective pad or cover so you don't scuff up the brace or your bike when you are riding. One piece of advice though is go to a specialist and have them measure your leg for the brace before you buy it. It will not fit right or protect right if you measure yourself, also they know all the right ways to clean and put it on.

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