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    advice on DH or enduro bike for france

    Hi everyone first post so excuse me if I am in wrong thread.

    I am off to morzine in aug for a week and need a bike.
    I only have 1k to spend my question is with the current enduro angles being nearly as slack as an older DH would anyone advise a newer enduro over an older full on 200mm DH.

    I have a bike for riding on all day stuff in UK 140mm front and back so this would only be used for BMCC BPW france etc.

    Really undecided on this one.

    Also throw into the mix things like the scott FR720 with triples and it gets even harder to choose.

    Anyone got any recommendations for what I should look for either DH or Enduro. As I say 1k absolute max budget. Seen a KTM Aphex with Fox 40's on for £950 quite tempted by that as it has an adjustment for 230mm rear travel.

    I am only 5ft 6 and about 12 stone but do like the odd drop or jump hence wanting a bit more travel.



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    wow 220 views but no much for friendly advice

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    I don't think it's a matter of being unfriendly, but a matter of criteria. Filter out of those views all the people who have never ridden at that very specific location (North American riders are probably far less likely to have ridden there than their European counterparts) and your left with a much smaller pool of those who could provide relevant input.

    Furthermore, the max budget further filters out potential providers of useful input. Your budget is roughly $1200 USD. A new budget DH fork alone here in the US is roughly $1k USD. A new higher end fork actually exceeds that budget. *I use new values here simply standard gauge than the used market as I'm just trying to illustrate relative cost.*

    Regarding an "enduro" option: Enduro is a very relative term and the type of enduro bike you are looking for given you are considering a DH bike is a "modern long travel and/or slack geometry enduro" bike a la SC Nomad, knolly warden, yt capra etc. The key here is modern and in general modern=newer=more $$.

    In summary, you are looking for a very specific thread viewer / input provider: rider familiar with morzine, likely someone who has ridden for a long time/familiar with older DH bikes and DH bike components (likely pre-2015? Probably 26er?), familiar with the value of those bikes on the used market, and reading your post. I'm not saying they aren't here, but my guess is the majority of people viewing don't meet that criteria.

    This is not meant to put you down for your budget or anything else, but to provide some context for the reason you may not be seeing as many replies. If I were in your shoes and I wasn't getting any response I might try tossing this out on an established thread discussing 26ers or morzine to increase the likelihood of finding an audience that meets the necessary criteria to provide useful input.

    Disclaimer: I'm not super familiar with used bike prices or this price range, but at the very least maybe this will trigger a contrarian response from someone listing a bunch of potential bike candidates to refute my statements

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