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    AC-2 Front Axle Removal?

    Hey, I have an '03 Giant AC-2 I bought new a few months ago. Went to put a new tube in the other day and I couldn't get the front wheel off.

    It has the RockShox Pyslo with the 20 mm through axle and Tulio (not so?) quick release.

    There are two QR clamps, one on the bottom of each fork, which operate fine. However when I attempt to un thread the axle with the little lever deal, it backs the cap off the axle instead of the axle out of the fork. I tried using some penetrating oil on the thread side of the axle and removing the Qr to see if they were too tight. The non threaded side of the fork slides easily on the axle when unclamped.

    I try tapping a tapered wooden dowel into the oppositite side and turning it with vise grips, (so not to damage anything) but no matter how wedge the dowel was it would spin inside the axle, or break the dowel.

    The LBS suggested lock tite on the cap, which is still drying, so I haven't tried it yet. They verified that I was follwoing the correct removal procedure.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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    If the red loctite does not work (red is the one you'll want to use - just incase you don't already know this) - try cleaning off inner / outer threads and applying a little bit of JB Weld, being careful, of course, not to put so much in there that it inhibits your use of the pull-out twist lever once dry.

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