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Thread: 888 RC - What?

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    888 RC - What?

    Hey again guys,

    I have been Looking at 888's online, and i was wondering..

    Whats the difference between rc2, rc2x, rc3 etc. Havent been able to find the differences online :S

    And i am throwing them on a stock 08 kona stinky, wich one would perform nicer?

    Last and not least, where can i find a deal on these babies xD, I dont want to spend a fortune on them, so the more reasonable of price the better

    Thanks Guys

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    rc2 = adjustable compression
    rc2x = same as rc2 except with the addition of the "X" cartridge in the other stanchion. X cart is used as a high speed compression adjust to prevent bottom out in the last bit of the forks travel (unlike the RC2 which affects most of the compression stroke)
    rc3 = combines the rc2 and "x" cartridge into one single cartridge, compared to having 2 sperate cart's.

    Ive ridden all of them, and all are excellent dampers IMO
    Id go for the RC3 because it feels smoother than the others, plus its easier to setup because you only have knob to adjust, compared to the rc2x in which it can be tricky to adjust both carts so that they play nice with each other

    Now in saying get an RC3, make sure you avoid 08 and early 09 888's, because these where plagued with problems, its best to save for a 2010 888, it may be more exspenive to start with, but it will save you in the long run because you wont have the loose bushings that where common to the 08/09 marz forks.
    But any 06/07 888 (except the 07 ATA SL) will give you years of trouble free marzocchi butter suspension!

    EDIT: explanation of the carts is to my understanding, so if its wrong, please feel free to correct me

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    R : Rebound Adjustable
    RC : Rebound & Compression Adjustable ( Each in on leg)
    RC2: Like RC but both are combined in one leg and the other leg remains with no adjustments
    Also ride height is lowered due to the new flat designed crowns

    RC2X : Like RC2 but adds a anti bottoming damper and its adjuster on the other leg

    RC3 : Just like the evolution of RC to RC2 combined the anti bottoming damper in the RC2 leg and again the other leg remains hydraulically without adjusting but has a coil preloader
    The whole design changed stanchions gone 38 mm and the casing changes completely
    But I hate them as from the year Marz. lunched them (2008) it had sold all its facilities to SR suntour. Actually their Suntour designed and built with a Marz. Name .
    Lack of quality and accuracy both in design & manufacturing processes .

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