(yeah, you have to buy your tickets locally, but hey... if ya got friends in this neck of the woods... Salem, OR / Falls City, OR - then ya might have 'em pick you up a few tickets! You do not need to be present to win, but MAN you'll miss out on a fun night at Northern Lights Theatre Pub hanging with local riders and trail builders... )

BRMBA Raffle Reminder!!

Hey all, just a reminder that the March 22nd, 2008 Raffle Fund Raiser is in full swing; tickets are only $25 (max of 1,000 will be sold).

Right now is a great time to purchase, there is over $25,000 in prizes and there are several big items still coming; we expect to be close to $30,000 in retail value of prizes (see list below). You can purchase tickets at: A&N Home Town Grocery in Falls City, Santiam Bicycle in Salem and Dallas and we will be selling tickets at the event until about 9:00 PM.

Want to come to the event? WE WILL HAVE ROOM FOR ALL this year! Northern Lights is setting aside the ALL 3 theaters for our event. We will simulcast from the main theater to at least one if not both theaters (please RSVP so we can determine how many theaters are needed).

This is our main source of revenue for the trails so did deep and do what you can to support the trails. This build season we have been putting in more wood structures and using more pressure treated lumber to help the structures last. We also need gravel for a couple projects; one of those is trying to improve the parking situation at the trailhead!

Please email: [email protected] for questions?

See http://brmba.org for an entire prize list (it's CRAZY the amount of goodies these guys have had tossed down to them from the industry... but Black Rock Mountain Bike Area is the crown jewel of Oregon for freeride parks... so it makes sense the support they are getting! BRMBA puts awesome freeride trail on the ground, and cooperate with the land managers to make a paradise for the FR/DH locals...)