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    20mm Hub Adjustment / King vs. White...


    I'm trying to pick a 20mm front hub.

    King makes a big deal out of their easy one-sided bearing adjustment. Looks good, but sheesh, $180? King also rants against the 2-piece axle assemblies some hubs use.

    <img src="https://www.chrisking.com/hubs/20mm_images/230W/20SetF.jpg">

    From what I can gather, the White Industries CHUB appears to be a single piece axle. So I look at <a href="https://www.whiteind.com/chub.tech.htm"><font color="blue">their service instructions</font></a> where they discuss bearing installation, but don't mention bearing preload / axle endplay adjustments. How does that work?

    <img src="https://www.whiteind.com/images/chub-front.gif">

    Are the fork legs used to hold the bearings in check on some through-axle hubs? How do either of these compare to less expensive 20mm hubs from Hope and Marzocchi?

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    hopes are kickass hubs. they also make hadley. im not sure bout marzocchi. i just ordered hope bulbs and they look sick and were some what cheap... i was gona get the Big'uns, but THERE DISCONTINUED FOR NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    FWIW my King ISO 20mm front hub has been extremely reliable and very easy to adjust for the last 2.5+ years of heavy use. The adjustment of the hub play is very easy, don't even have to take it off the bike, but I've only had to adjust it twice, each after a simple service. One funky thing is you can't pull the bigger bearing out even if you have the hub service tool, they didn't make an expander ring for it (they said they were going to but never did); on the other hand I've seen no evidence of a need for a full service/rebuild either. Of course my front King non-ISO hubs have been equally easy to own. It's the rear hubs that are always getting into more mud and crud and needing more service (and the same style rear hub adjustment, the heavy duty axle version, isn't as easy to adjust as the front 20mm version). Can't help you with the White hub, tho.
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    no comment on the Kings, as i've no experience with them, but....

    i've got two Hope Bulb 20mm hubs, both working very well. super easy to do any service on. bearing preload is basically the fork legs holding things tight. i've not found any slop in the system so far.........and things are spinning nicely. plus, i like the option of swapping them to QR if ever needed/wanted. doubt i'll use that feature, but it's kinda' nice.

    caveat: i've only had one for about two months, and the other for about 8 months.
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    I owned the original white industries "boxxer" hub (because at the time that was the only fork they envisioned it for). Quality and construction are top notch, and I never had to do anything to it, but it is completely user servicable.. I'd go for white industries hubs again if I had the $$$.

    Not only do they make an awesome product, but you get to be different.
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    myself? Hadley I'll have no other!
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    check out the profile racing hubs

    online store..... www.profileracing.com

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    hadley for $110

    same CNC'd american-made quality as the king hub, adjustable

    and it is only 2 grams heavier

    Vive So Cal!

    No questions as to why you would not get it over the king, they are simply amazing hubs.

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