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    08 Glory 0

    Not much call for them around here (Wisconsin), but we had a new one through the shop. I took it for an extended test ride and was totally blown away by how well it pedals. I think I need to get rid of my Bighit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kidwoo
    The internet sounds like a tough place to ride.

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    The only thing I dislike about that bike is that it weighs a ton...literally.
    I wish I had...

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    I've got a Lg. 08 Glory 0

    48 lbs!!! Could probably lose about 3-4 lbs if I went with UST tires and run stans strips. The stock Kendas and tubes weigh a ton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigstr
    48 lbs!!! Could probably lose about 3-4 lbs if I went with UST tires and run stans strips. The stock Kendas and tubes weigh a ton.
    wont save you as much as you hope. anyway, best places to start losing weight are the cassette, seat/post, alu r axle, stans/tubeless. from there i'd look at changing the cranks to single ring and getting an lg1 or a similar taco design (gamut makes a really light guide too, i think it might actually be lighter). the wheels are heavy, but not as bad as i expected. i didnt drop nearly as much going to outlaws as i was hoping. better bet is hope II pro w/ mavc 721, not too expensive but will lose you alot.

    mines sitting at about 40 w/out brakes but has rotors. should sit around 41.5 w the formulas.

    the frame will take an air shock pretty well too. i like mine alot - its got a pretty light build, and another bike with the same build would probably sit closer to 38-40 range, but 41.5 isnt terrible by any means. they just come with burly setups so nothing will ever brake.

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    my 08 glory 1 i have at 40 lbs. and it will be lighter once i go tubeless and get new cranks and a new chainguide. and also a different rear axle, the stock is a beast. the stock giant grips do not last long.

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    x9 der/shifter
    time pedals

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