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    04 Firefly Tuning Help

    I just got an 04 firefly and it seems to bottom very easily. It has about 50 pounds in the SPV chamber what is the max pressure I can put in it? Any input would be helpful.

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    Download the manual, it's all in there. SPV is not to be run w/ less than 30 PSI and not more than 100 PSI. Turning the SPV volume adjuster inwards makes the inwards makes the suspension more progressive in action and turning it outward makes it more linear. According to my manual. It's gonna take a few rides for you to get it sorted to your liking, I suggest taking your pump w/ you so you can adjust on the trail. I have the Breakout so I don't have SPV but I like the fork alot. Easy to setup and adjust and the plush feeling of springs.

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