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    Upgrading my 2015 Overdrive Sport 29er

    I picked up my 2015 Overdrive Sport 29er for $460 shipped 5 years ago, and spent a mixed amount of time riding it over the years. I thought about selling it earlier this year for a couple hundred bucks, but decided to keep it after the pandemic forced lockdowns in a lot of areas. Then I started to ride it a lot more and a lot harder.

    Doing so, I started breaking parts on the bike after so many years. My factory BB began knocking while I was riding and the crankset started getting loose (even with all the bolts tightened), probably from some harder trail jumps. Same with the SunTour XCT coil fork that came on the bike, so I began to change things out but wanted to keep the cost down on this 'budget build' bike.

    Added the following:

    - Continental Trail King 29 x 2.2 tires
    - Rockshox Recon RL 100mm air fork
    - New Shimano brake pads
    - Converted to 1x setup
    - iXF thru-axle crankset w/ 170mm arms
    - 34T JGbike Elite narrow-white chainring
    - Shimano UN26 hollowtech BB
    - Rockbros wide aluminum pedals
    - PNW 780mm riser handlebar
    - Ergon GA2 grips
    - Ergon SMC Sport Gel saddle

    The new fork was the most expensive upgrade, but it was something I didn't want to skimp out on, and same with the bottom bracket. Reviews on the cheapo crankset & chainring were good so figured I'd give them a go, and so far they're working out great. The other expensive parts (handlebar, grips, saddle) are things I can remove & reuse on another bike.

    The current setup has made it the fun to ride this bike again, especially since my kids are bigger and have their own MTBs to ride with me (they get mad if I ride my eMTB or my FSR MTB, thinking that I have a much easier ride than them ).

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    Did a few upgrades on my 'budget build' DB Overdrive.... which isn't so budget-friendly anymore. I splurged a little bit since I sold my eMTB earlier this week, and now my DB hardtail is my only bike until I get something else.

    - Switched out the 34T chainring for a 32T. Surprisingly that made a big difference with my gearing. Going up a steep hill is much easier now.

    - Removed the low-rise 810mm Funn handlebar and put on a PNW Range 780mm riser bar (noticeable difference in quality). Also changed out the stem riser for a short one, and now it feels much better.

    - Installed a PNW Coast 120mm external dropper post with a new Ergon SMC sport gel saddle, and running the PNW Loam Lever. Pricey upgrade, but well worth it IMO. Plus I can easily remove everything and use it on another bike.

    - Found the perfect tool pod that's the size of a soda can, and fits perfectly in my other water cage. Fits my multi-tool, zip-ties, band-aids, and my wallet & keys. Much cleaner looking than carrying a saddle pack. Plus it's very inconspicuous and makes the look of the bike a lot better.

    The only thing I haven't upgraded (yet) is the transmission. I'd like to get an 11 or 12 spd setup but don't feel like spending another $300+ on it right now. Plus, the bike currently feels good with the 32T chainring on the 1x8 setup with 11-32T cassette, so I'll probably keep it like this for now.

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    Upgraded the groupset on my Overdrive Sport 29er, since I was able to get a good deal on a Shimano Deore setup (shifter, derailleur, chain, and Sunrace 11-46T cassette). I went from 1x8 with 11-32T setup, to a 1x10 with 11-46T setup.

    Pretty easy upgrade, and it gave me a chance to re-run the cable hoses more efficiently than how it came from the factory. The GoatLink was needed to clear the 46 sprocket. It shifts nice & smooth now, and feels great with the wider range of gears.

    Anyone need a new & unused Sunrace CSMS3 10-spd 11-42T cassette?

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