I'm looking for a new bike on a $2,500.00 budget. I'm currently riding a 2012 camber comp 29 and there is just not enough suspension. On my 2006 Enduro I could ride hard and fast through all the rocky sections in Auburn, Ca and Tahoe. On the camber, I'm much faster uphill, but much more cautious on the downhill - so I want a longer travel bike.

I've got a line on a used 2015 Enduro Comp 650b for very good price, but have heard it was kind of pieced together by Specialized and is not that great of a climber or downhiller.

I'm also looking at 2013/14 stumpie 29rs comps in the $1700 price range. My local bike shop is offering me a good deal on a brand new Devinci Troy XP. I'm going to ride the Troy this week, but can't find a stumpie or enduro 650b to demo, so gotta ask you guys for input.

Any idea?