According to the glowing review at 2017 Devinci Django Carbon 29 SLX / XT - Reviews, Comparisons, Specs - Mountain Bikes - Vital MTB and the suspension review (further down the page), a 34T is what the django works best with.

Obviously gearing is a personal matter with many criteria, but has anyone used a 34 extensively and swapped rings to find a difference in climbing or descending?

I know it's splitting hairs, but we all need something to discuss on this forum, ha.

From that article:

Enough progressivity for a 120mm trail bike at 17%.

Good pedaling efficiency while using a 30-tooth chainring with anti-squat values around 110% on bigger cogs. On smaller cogs the anti-squat can be slightly excessive. The anti-squat values are better optimized for a 34-tooth chainring and 1x12 transmission.

Pedal kickback is proportional to the amount of anti-squat. This suspension design works as a single pivot regarding pedaling characteristics, therefore the anti-squat values remain quite high over the whole travel and consequently the amount of total pedal kickback is higher than in similar bikes.

Anti-rise is around 55% at sag, meaning that the suspension is quite isolated from braking forces.

Overall it’s a moderately progressive trail bike with the best pedaling traits when paired with a 34-tooth chainring.