Django 29 Geometry Mystery-
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    Django 29 Geometry Mystery

    Have any of you taken any scientific measurements of the head tube and seat tube angels on your Django 29?

    I'm asking because I have a 2017, which I love, and I have always relied on the numbers from the Devinci site for my model year..."LO" setting: HTA 68; STA 74.5. For 2017, they spec'd a 130mm fork. For 2018 and forward, they have spec'd a 140mm fork. Now that I'm about to service my fork, I'm going to extend the airshaft to 140 to be like the new builds.

    I was curious if the geometry changed for 2018 with the longer fork, and curiously, the HTA stayed the same but the site shows the STA steepening by .8 degrees from 74.5 to 75.3, on the size M. It seems the longer fork should have slackened both STA and HTA by at least .5 degrees if no other adjustments were made to the frame.

    So, I contacted Devinci to ask if they used headset cup or a different offset fork to keep the geometry the same and if the frame could had possibly been updated with a steeper STA angle for 2018 and new. They replied quickly and I was informed that no changes were made to the frame and that there has only been 1 generation of the Django 29 frame. So, what gives? Which geometry numbers are correct...2017 or 2018/2019.

    Take a look at the links below for reference. Geos for carbon and aluminum are the same. Not a big deal, but I was just curious if anyone had any measurements. A little mystery, albeit trivial, I'd like to solve.

    2017 Trail 29 (Devinci 29 and Marshall)
    2018 Django 29
    2019 Django 29

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    Django 29 Geometry Mystery

    There are lots of variables here. My guess is that the geo specs are specific to a single axle to crown measurement. It likely doesnít take the fork on a specific build into consideration. This can be seen on the 2019 Troys. Only one build has a 150mm travel fork (the rest are 140mm) but the geo isnít different for that build. If they show geo for the Frameset (and they list the A2C used), use that and adjust accordingly.

    With regard to the effective seat tube angle... devinci claim that they measure this differently than most in that instead of using the seat tube intersecting the virtual, horizontal top tube, they use the average seat height for a given size. That said, I would expect this number to slacken if they changed this recently, where you mention a steepening

    Edit: I just looked and it seems that they donít list the A2C used for their Frameset (or complete build) geometries.

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