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    Hope DeVinci Wooky XP

    After riding the same 26er for the last 25 years, I just inherited a brand new DeVinci Wooky XP 29er from my cousin. Never used. Does anyone here have any riding experience with this bike? Im happy about making a transition from the old bike. Much lighter. I go out on local trails, commute to work, and ride Forest Service roads a few times a month.

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    The Wooky XP is a great platform to enjoy and build up from. What year is it?

    I really dig the Devinci geo on the Wooky and I've gone on many test rides with it before saving a bit more for a Niner hardtail. For the money (and in your case free) it's a great bike for XC riding and a bit of technical stuff as well.

    You can always upgrade the fork (the Recon forks are okay, but not light and not as responsive as say a Reba) and put a lighter wheelset/tubeless setup. The stock bike is fun but what kind of riding do you like to do most?

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    Wooky 29er

    Thanks for the information. The bike is a 2014 model, just a few months old and never ridden (has no pedals yet). Im wanting to hit some rough Forest Service roads and trails in the mountains near here on Veterans Day and try it out. I do a mixture of riding and favor a fat-tire bike for urban riding over a bike with thinner tires (700cc). My city environment has crumbling infrastructure, pot-holes, decayed and heavily cracked pavement, nasty alleys with alot of chuncked concrete, etc. Im hoping the Wooky will be favorable for the city as well as off-road excursions. Not sure what to do with my 1989 Diamondback Apex now. Museum piece, heavy sucker, but bombproof. I dont yet know about doing any upgrades, guess time will tell. I plan on writing a good review for the bike once I have a little experience with it. Not much on the Wooky has been written so I wasnt sure about quality.

    The bike is a real looker.

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