Devinci Wooky SL

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  • 01-04-2014
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    Devinci Wooky SL
    With nearly nothing written about the Devinci Wooky SL anywhere in the known universe, I was hoping that some of you who own one or have a depth of experience with one might provide some insight related to your Wooky experience.

    Perhaps it may be simply to say to stay far away from the frame. Perhaps it may be so sing its praises. Ideally, I would hope to hear from you regarding any known issues with it and how you overcame (or came to live with) those issues (e.g. squeaky bottom bracket, twitchy handling, etc.).

    I would also like to know what your build is and its advantages/weaknesses? And did any of you with factory built versions find the reach overlong for your preference? If so, what length stem and bars are you running on yours?

    Lastly, anyone of you running your Wooky with a rigid fork? If so, which, and what has been your experience regarding challenges adapting the fork to the Wooky, ride quality, control, etc. Granted the Wooky is a carbon monocoque 29er, but I am thinking of running a Niner Reynolds steel fork. I have heard too many anecdotes about fractures in carbon forks and shearing of carbon forks leading to fairly severe injury (often involving facial reconstruction). Any thoughts on Steel vs. Carbon rigid fork? Titanium? Any experience with Steve Potts Type II Fork? Is the SPTII really the holy grain of rigid forks? What's the cost on the SPTII?
  • 11-14-2014
    I own one. The Wooky XP 2014. I cant begin to say enough positive things about this bike. I tried all the rest and was only floored by what Devinci has made. It is the best geometric solution to my riding style and this baby has explosive speed. Absolutely no twitchy handling. This bike is solid and responsive. The length for me is perfect, Im 6 feet tall and big. Aside from having an amazing bike to ride you will also have what most other 29er riders dont have. When I go out I see alot of people with Trek and the other popular brands. The Wooky will set you apart and blow your mind at the same time. It's definitely the Fun Button.
  • 11-15-2014
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    I have a Wooky SL, and everything dhlincali says is right. its really light. the frame quality is excellent. (One of my friends got a 2015 Giant XCT, and the frame is nowhere near as nice as my Wooky). The frame is one of the prettiest hard tail frames I have seen, especially in raw carbon and blue! I get comments about the bike on most rides!

    As far as the ride, it's the perfect blend of efficiency while still being compliant over bumpiness. The rear end is quite stiff, and everything feels really solid while riding. I didn't have any issues with my Wooky. I even converted it to a 1x10, without issue. No creaking noises, and I could see the frame lasting for years and years.

    I don't have a rigid fork on it, but I personally wouldn't recommend it. Sure, it will save some weight, but the bike is designed around a suspension fork. The 100mm Fox Factory 32 that came with it is really a great fork, and feels as plush as a 120mm.

    I would recommend the Wooky to anyone who wants a great hardtail that's a little more unique.