hi, just as the title says

my old DH bike was a Wilson 2008 which was the old horst link design. It had adjustable dropouts - 'FR/DH'.

I always ran it in the DH dropouts which gave it a 64 deg HA. I don't have the geometry stats available right now but I would expect the FR dropouts to shorten the wheel base and perhaps steepen the head angle by a degree.

If thatís the case do you think Iíd be able to put my 160mm Lyriks in the Wilson (it has an AC height of 545mm I believe) and what would it do to the geometry?

The frame is lying around doing nothing and itd be cool if I could turn it into a pedallable light freeride bike. Ideally id put some 180mm 36s in there but my lyriks will be going spare after Iíve converted to 27.5