• 02-21-2008
    Devinci remix 2007 frame, is my size or not?
    Hello i have an oportunity of buy a 2007 remix frame in a interesting red :-) (new, not used) for a good price. the frame is a Medium size and i don't know if this is my size.

    my actual bike has a 56,5 - 57 mm of effective top tube length with a 9 cm stem. the length from the BB to the uper of the saddle is 70 - 70,5 cm measurement longitudinal to the seatpost axle.

    is this my size of frame ?


  • 02-26-2008
    Without knowing your height, no one can recommend to you if the medium is the right size.

    If you are 5'7" -5'10" the medium should be close, but try to actually ride the bike, as bike 'sizes' are vague indicators to work with