• 10-10-2015
    Devinci quality and customer service?
    I haven't paid close attention to Devinci in the past, but the new Troy has caught my attention. The geometry seems spot on and the price point of the frame is just amazing. How is Devinci able to offer the frame for $2100? This is $600 to $1000 less than most other companies carbon offerings. Plus Devinci provides a lifetime warranty?

    How is their customer service?
  • 10-12-2015
    The quality is great. Because of this, I've not needed their customer service. That said, a good friend of mine is a dealer and he is very happy with their dealer support, which should in turn mean good customer service.

    You're near Portland, right? Crow's Feet (road trip!) does inexpensive full day demos, so it might be worth a call is see if they have what you're looking for available for a 'real world' test.
  • 10-19-2015
    I haven't used their CS yet, I ended up buying a 2015 Devinci Troy XP from Evo in Portland for an amazing deal and its warranty.
  • 11-02-2015
    In short, CS has been amazing. They live up to their reputation, and honors their warranty offering.

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  • 12-23-2015
    I've had to call them regarding an issue with an incorrect shock bolt that they remedied super fast. I talked with Manuel and he was very, very helpful. I'd say their customer service was fantastic. They even sent me a free shirt and stickers!

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