• 05-12-2014
    devinci johnson? good buy?
  • 05-12-2014
    That thing would need to be in perfect condition for me to pay $600 for it.
    The frame is burly.
    Angles are "old skool".
    Part mix-assuming it's stock- is old and outdated.
    It's an almost 10 year old bike.
    If it's in good shape and well maintained, you can certainly ride it and have fun with it.
    However, I look at the purchase price of used DH/long travel bikes as just being the price of admission.
    You're more than likely going to need to put a few hundred in to any old bike unless it's mint condition-brake pads, DU bushings, tires,cables, grips, bar + stem fit, pedals, etc.
    Add in suspension and pivot/bearing service and the $$$ add up if you aren't doing the work yourself.
    So, perfect shape-$500-$600-sure.
    Less than perfect shape and I'd keep shopping for a newer bike in the $800-$1k range.
    Other bikes to look at that can be had "cheap" but still perform are Santa Cruz Bullits and Specialized Big Hits.
  • 05-12-2014
    thanks, great advice..apreciated