Devinci Hectiks?

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  • 03-17-2009
    Devinci Hectiks?
    This forum looks pretty dead but i'll ask anyways.

    Anybody using a hectik as a DH/FR bike? Devinci labels it as a all mountain bike but with 6.5" of travel front and back it looks like it has the potential to be a sort of do all bike with a little bit beefier build. I have been looking at specialized sx trails and then found this bike, it seems like it would be a similar style bike to the sx.
  • 04-08-2009
    I had one, but it just got stolen last week. I used to ride it on the North Shore all the time and found it a lot easier to pedal up than my Devinci Ollie, which weighs in at around 45 lbs. The geometry is pretty slack and it's confident on gnarly descents with the Fox Float 36 up front, but it can't rip the gnar like the Ollie with its 888. The 888 is a definitely a better fork for faster speeds and rougher terrain. The Hectik is clearly not as capable as climbing as an XC bike, either... I witnessed this firsthand when I got schooled on an XC climb of 6 miles in Arizona, but then schooled everyone else on the descent.