Devinci Hectik 2009

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  • 08-27-2009
    Devinci Hectik 2009
    The New do everything beest! Cant wait to get out on it, just hope it rides as good as the Prophet it replaced.

    Devinci Hectik DHX 4.0 2009
    Rockshox Lyrik Solo Air forks
    Raceface Atlas Cranks
    Easton EA70 lo rise bars
    Shimano MX30 Pedals
    Hope Tech V2 180mm floating rotors
    KMC TI Ni Chain
    Crossmax SX Wheels
    PZ Racing 80mm Stem
    XT Shifters
    XT Shadow R Mech
    XT Front Mech
    Panaracer Rampage SC Front
    Conti MK 2.2 rear
    Fizik Gobi
    Syncros Derived Seatpin

    Think it comes in at or just under 30lbs.

    Now just need to get out and ride it!
  • 08-30-2009
    How does it compare to you Prophet?
  • 10-08-2009
    Any updates on the ride?
  • 10-08-2009
    Yeah ill give an update on how it feels,

    geometry is pretty much identical to the Prophet slack'ish headangle makes for a pretty awsome descending position, but struggles on the steep climbs i have around the area, putting a travel adjustable fork on it as soon as theres some spare cash floating about.

    The rear end pedals extremely well, dont touch the propedal lever at all unless its a proper drawn out fire road slog.

    However small bump absorption on the back is non existant, which i think has something to do with bushes they use in the frame. With the shock removed the rear end wont move under the weight of the bike, have tried playing the torque settings up until the back end almost has play in it with little change. But also ive never been a big fan of the DHX Air shock range, with it set within a range of 20% - 40% sag this think still feels harsh.

    And lastly the frame has soo much flex in it it feels like the back end is going to overtake you when you put any kind of out of the saddle power on it. Not impressed!

    Is it worth the money - No, Would i recommend it - No, But since it cost so much i cant afford to change it so will live with it for a while.

    Might put a different shock on the back to rectify the performance!
  • 10-08-2009
    Hi, cheers for ride report. To be honest I was expecting better, having loved their previous incarnation (Magma and Remix's).

    How long have you been riding it? Has the shock and bushes bedded in yet? Once that is done, my old 4bar Magma cycled through it's travel with comparative ease (without shock).

    I also thought small bump compliance would be better. I know the rear end isn't as stiff as my old Banshee Rune, but I was wondering whether it was really that obvious on the trail.

    Thanks, and I hope the ride gets better, for your sake!
  • 10-08-2009

    I know the rear end isn't as stiff as my old Banshee Rune, but I was wondering whether it was really that obvious on the trail.
    Yeah every so often you just kind of feel it, never had it on the single pivot prophet and it was also quite flexy.

    Everything should be bedded in, used about 3 times a week since beginning of september.
  • 10-09-2009
    With regard to flex how much to you weight?
  • 10-09-2009
    12 1/2 stone
  • 10-09-2009
    So you're not a huge guy. I've read that the needle bearings aren't the best for lateral flex so that might be the problem, I know Devinci has polymer sleeve bushings so that might be worth trying out.
    I'm picking up a used 09 Hectik tomorrow for cheap so I'm curious to know how flexy it is. My Gary Fisher Hifi is mega flexy out back, but I've just gotten used to it and see it as a handling characteristic.
  • 10-09-2009
    Yeah to be fair i have been riding my canfield lucky quite alot recently which has 8 pivots running on 20mm axles and a 12 x 150mm rear end.

    So everytime i jump from one bike to the other its pretty noticable, the thing thats annoying me the most is that a frame that costs this much money shouldnt have these problems.

    Im a giant dealer and couldv picked up a Reign/Reign X frameset that would be a fraction of the price and work alot better (but im a brand snob and couldnt help myself)
  • 10-12-2009
    I got my Hectik and also noticed the fact that with the shock removed the linkage doesn't move easily. If you loosen the pivots slightly it will let the linkage move just fine, but I'm going to contact Devinci on that at somepoint to get feedback on tuning the pivots.

    Flex wise I don't notice any significant flex, my Fisher Hifi is wayyyyy flexy, but the Hectik while riding seems rock solid.
  • 10-16-2009
    i took the rear shock off and loosend the pivots slightly and linkage moves freely, but keep them loc tighte'nd up or they will work loose and the back end feels flexy. the bike feels super solid and capable. love boosting off anything i can. by the way i ride a 0'9 hectic 3 frame built up AM.
  • 10-16-2009
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    here it is. awesome ride.
  • 10-17-2009
    Hectik vs new Enduro
    For me, it's between these too, although the Enduro's currently winning on lower BB and slacker HA.

    Decisions decisions!
  • 10-31-2009
    I was at a shop in Nelson, BC yesterday and took out a Hectik 2? for a short ride. It was sporting the Talas 36 fork and Sram X-9 drive train. The shop also sells Banshee and Santa Cruz. The shop employees were singing the praises of the Hectik as one of their favorite am bikes. I can't really say how good it is without taking it on a serious trail ride but I got a good idea nonetheless.

    I rode the Hectik down several flights of stairs and found some intermittent single track around town. Nelson is full of hills, so I got an idea of the bike's climbing prowess. I left the pro pedal off the whole time and the Hectik pedals quite well, with only a small bit of shock movement while riding in a seated position. Obviously, standing to pedal produces more pedal bob and I would only want to pedal out of the saddle on this rig for short bursts. The pro pedal would be useful for fire road climbs. The bike climbs quite well when the adjustable fork is dialed down and the front end wanders a bit when climbing at full travel.

    The Hectik is very plush and as mentioned, I went down every flight of stairs I could find and burned through a short rocky section on short trail. The Hectik soaked up the impact from the stairs very well and it is clear that it can handle some abuse.

    The flex on this bike has been mentioned and I could make the rear triangle flex quite easily while standing to the side and pushing on the wheel and triangle, but the bike felt quite solid while riding. I would have to have more ride time on technical trails to make an informed decision. With that said, the Banshee Rune has zero flex while pushing on the rear wheel and triangle from the side.

    There are some good deals on the 2009 Hectik right now.
  • 11-12-2009
    Ride is now awsome!
    Ok so after my initial post of being quite unimpressed with the ride of the bike i got on the phone to the distributors and told them what was going on, to get the back end not to have any play in it i was having to torque the pivot bolts higher than was recommended.

    They sent me through some revised bushes and needle bearings, swapped these over on the bike the other day torqued them all up to the manufacturers recommended torque. Took it off the stand and the back end is nice and tight with the shock moving alot smoother!

    Took it out for a ride and to my surprise the rear end is transformed! Doesnt bob, and feels plush and smooth through the Travel! Result! Will keep you guys updated with a long term review on the new hardwear.

    Will now recommend the Devinci to anyone mostly due to there awsome customer service!

    Now if only i can get my forks to match the rear,
  • 12-11-2009
    Very very nice bike!!! Perhaps I will buy one as soon as I sell my bike...

    Have anyone more photos???
  • 01-09-2010
    New photos with updated suspension!

  • 01-10-2010
    Looks great schwim, I'm putting some new parts on my Hectik 2 as well....just installed a new RS Lyrik. Question for ya, how do you find the paint on it? I got mine used and the paint is beaten to ****.
  • 01-11-2010
    Apex - The Paint is pretty poor to be fair hence the inner tubes wrapped round my stays,

    But as its white ive been trying to clean it after every ride so its staying pretty fresh! White is a terrible colour for bike, before i bought the 2 frameset i was trying to get the Bare Laquered team avalanche 3 one like "Kloofs" but they had sold out,