• 12-13-2013
    Davinci troy vs knolly warden
    I'm looking at the Davinci troy or Knolly Warden. Has anyone had any seat time on these 2 new bikes ? If so can you give some insight on them. I'm leaning towards a 34 Talas 160 mm fork and the Fox Float X rear. So hard to choose.
  • 01-08-2014
    I`ve heard Wardens are a ways off on delivery. My bud just picked up a Troy and really likes it.

    Kind of an apples to oranges comparison though. Aluminum vs Carbon and what not...
  • 01-09-2014

    Originally Posted by partswhore View Post
    Kind of an apples to oranges comparison though. Aluminum vs Carbon and what not...

    devinci's offering the troy up in carbon and alu - not sure if the latter is welded in canada, though

  • 01-10-2014
    The alloy bikes are welded in Canada. I dont have any experience with the Warden It would be a tough comparison from alloy to carbon

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  • 06-07-2014
    Has anyone ridden both with a opinion?
  • 07-29-2014

    Originally Posted by Pilsner1 View Post
    Has anyone ridden both with a opinion?

    Just demoed the Troy (aluminum)....they said it had 160mm front but the stantions only exposed 140mm. I checked because it sat in a front forward, heavy on the hands sort of feeling, short and nervous handling for me. Climbed really well in a straight line with no roots or rocks, but suffered traction and steering quality when things got bumpy or even in tighter turns.

    The Knolly felt more secure, you sit within the travel instead of on top of it and it was so much less nervous to handle. Then when the trail had any roots, rocks or traction challenges in general there was virtually no comparison as to how much more stable, comfortable and accurate the Knolly was for me......stay seated and watch the trail go by beneath you.

    I think the Troy would likely sprint forward faster when standing, but that would be the only advantage I can think of from my experience.

    That said....the Devinci is good quality and the Alu. version is really really good value for the money.

    Cheers to summer beers,
  • 07-29-2014
    Picked up a Warden a few weeks ago, not disappointed at all. Traction climbing is unreal and the descents amazing. Best bike I've owned to date.
  • 07-29-2014
    No way to test ride both? Never been on a warden but have the troy and find it to be an agile and stable downhill bike. Great through rock gardens. The one thing I think it is a bit weak at is very steep technical climbing. The front wheel renders a bit.

    Other than that the suspension (150mm pike on the front Fox factory float in the rear) seems very failed in. I run both wide open going up our down and the climbing feels pretty tight. This is coming off an HT.

    anyway good luck