AngleSet and/or 140mm fork-
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    AngleSet and/or 140mm fork

    Currently have 130mm Fox 34 Factory and regular Cane Creek headset.

    Thinking of putting Django 29er back in high mode to steepen seat angle. I find the low setting not the best climber even at 25% sag due to the soft trail tune. But I like the 68d HTA in low. I notice the difference between high and low even though it's just a claimed half degree.

    A 140mm air shaft is about $35. Probably need the $15 tool to prevent rounding/stripping of air cap (uh, like my other Fox fork mishap). That would shorten reach, raise bb a little, slack front end .5 degrees and slack seat angle .5 degrees if my armchair calculations are correct. But the air shaft has the new EVOL and reports say it's a big improvement over my 2017 air shaft.

    The AngleSet retails for about $160 but there are holiday sales now. I'd get the -1 which would let me have a 75 STA and 67.5 HTA with a 130mm fork. Plus pay shop labor of $10.

    I like the bb height in both settings, FWIW.

    Anyone do either or both? What's your input if wanting to keep seat angle in the high 75 degree mode but NOT wanting the 68.5 HTA.

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    There's only one option if you wish the STA to remain the same, angleset, that's it. Alternatively, you could push the saddle further forward on the rails if you currently run it centered, that would effectively give you a steeper STA and an improved/better air spring is always good
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    Look at this company for headsets.

    Also, you can do a combination of all the above in addition to an offset bushing on the rear shock to raise the bb slightly.

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    Thanks. Bought the Works Component about a month ago. About $83 delivered to US.

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