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    Zion 737ebb M or L? - noob help

    I've been reading about 29er frames and decided to take the plunge. I want to try ss, but fear I'll end up wanting gears, because I'm weak. Anyway, I'm leaning toward the 737ebb, knowing it will only be ss.

    I'm 6' with a 32.5" inseam. What would you recommend for frame size, M or L? What are the advantages/disadvantage of one over the other? Looks like I could go either way according to Jenson's size guidlines. I plan to ride local trails, but nothing for more than 2 hours at a time.

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    I am 6 foot and I have a medium. Can't say the difference between the medium and the large becaus eI only hav ethe one Zion. I say buy what you can while the frames are still there.

    I do need a 410mm seatpot to be comfortable on the thing but I say the medium was for me, I can't imagine riding a bigger frame.

    Anyone else 6 foot?

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    ~ 5'11" here, and it's kind of close

    How long is the ETT on your current bike -- 26" wheel, I assume?

    My medium was supposed to be a 23.7" ETT, and perhaps my measurement technique differs from Zions (JensonUSA's), but according to my measurements it's a hair under 23.5" For my 5'11" height, it's not an issue, but I went with a 110mm stem expecting the longer frame. I just swapped out my 110mm stem for a 120mm. I have yet to ride it with the new stem (received it today). FWIW, my seatpost is 370mm, and my danger line isn't exposed.

    One saving grace for your case in favor of the medium is the fact that you're going SS with it. I say this because most of the time, SSers use a wider bar to increase their leverage to the pedals. With wider bars, you'll be stretched out a bit laterally, which might make it ideal. I using 580mm wide bars, so the length of the mine feels a bit short.

    I can only guess that the Large will be too long, assuming that their geometry table is accurate. Further, I'd guess that the larger would be a challenging ride for anyone under 6'2". Probably worth reviewing other 29er frames in the 29er forum to get a better sense of appropriate toptube lengths for riders in your range.

    On the upside, my Zion showed up weighing less than the stated 5.2lbs
    Good luck whatever you do.
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    Got a chance at a large 737 s/h - I'm 5'11" with long torso, so I'm thinking maybe with a 70mm stem... Currently my bikes are 23.5" ett, with 90/100mm stems... Will the large feel like a farm gate?

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    I have a large (737EBB, white) that I'm thinking of selling. I already have another 29er, 1x9 and this one is a custom SS build I did, but I don't ride it much. I've only ridden it about 12 times. As far as size goes, I'm 6' and it fits fine. I'm not sure of the measurements but it is comfy. It sounds like you could go either way by what your describing.


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