Zen Bikes of Portland, OR

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  • 10-06-2015
    Zen Bikes of Portland, OR
    This is interesting. Anyone riding one?
    The Zen TRAIL Frame ? ZenBikeCo
  • 09-21-2016
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    Bump. Zen is closing (has closed?) shop and their remaining frames are being blown out:
    Products ? ZenBikeCo

    Sorry to see them closing their doors. David showed me around their shop a few years ago - great dude. Wish him and the rest of the Zen crew the best going forward.

    Scored a Portland-made Zen Trail frame for $520 shipped. It's spec'ed for 135x10mm which is probably why they're on sale, and why there are still some left. I'm pretty easy on gear and haven't had problems with thrashing wheels, so I'm not worried. This looks like a great balance between uber-short stays and a more conventional XC29 bike. Weight is good at just over 5lbs for a large. Looking forward to getting this built up and dirty.
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