• 07-09-2014
    YBB 29er Rear Tire Recommendation Colorado tubeless
    Hello all,

    I am looking for recommendations for rear tire for Colorado Front Range Trails. I am currently running a Continental Mountain King ProTection 29er 2.2 on the rear. I just got a sidewall slash on it and am now running a tube.
    Up till the sidewall slash I had no issues, good traction, held air/stans well.
    Not sure if I should go with another of the same or any thoughts?
  • 07-23-2014
    if you like what you had, stick with it
  • 09-10-2014

    Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
    if you like what you had, stick with it

    +1 why change? plus MK is a proven great tire. race king on the other hand...good lord, what a turd of a tire.
  • 09-16-2014
    I think that Conti's are the best of the bunch. Unless the tire was brand new, I've noticed few tires can really handle the abusive nature of Colorado granite.

    I was running a Tubeless ProTection X King 2.4 F, 2.2 R, similar to you. My rear sidewall finally failed, after 3+ months of quite a bit of miles and super hard riding, but honestly the last month it looked a bit sketchy.

    So, I adopted a bit new strategy. I've abandoned the standard thought of bigger on the front, smaller on the rear, as it means I'm always playing tire sizing/purchasing games. Now I just run 2.4, F and R, New tire to the back, used back to the front, front to the trash. I also have started keeping a inventory of 1+ tires, just so I can accommodate.

    Won't really help improve tire longevity, which I think is pretty decent, but might help you manage the tire replacement process when it's necessary.
  • 09-16-2014
    Yes CO granite is a b1Tch for sure. I cannot run 2.4 on rear since the my YBB even a 2.2 is tight. I was looking for other tires that might be a good fit for 2.2 and less for my YBB but so far looks like Conti's might be the best and/or only way to go.