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    XCL setup database

    Good times! Getting the Pike from servicing tomorrow, some grease here and there, tightening a few bolts and should be set for a good season.
    I'd like to know what kind of settings and pressures you guys are running on your DHX's?
    I'm about 200lbs with gear, do general trailriding with the occasional drop here and there. Mainly I'm worried about bottoming out on bigger stuff so I'd like to know how to set the boost valve and bottom out, but also directions for sag, rebound and propedal. Appreciate any help. Have a great season!

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    So I guess no one knows huh?
    Reason I'm asking is because I've yet to make a comparsion to another XCL. Also this happens to be my first full suspension so I'm not quite familiar with shock settings, especially when the DHX Air has plenty.
    I think it feels pretty good and balanced, but how could I know if I have nothing to compare to. Any information highly appreciated.

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    Good question.

    I don't have DHX, but on the Santa Cruz site they have recommended set-ups per riders weight. Here is the set up for a Blur LT, as that may be closest to the riding styles of a XCL owner (or not), and also has similar travel at 5 1/3 inches.


    I haven't checked the other bikes on the SC site, maybe they are all the same.

    Congrats, wish I had one of those bad boys too.

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    The setup I got with my XCL(In the Manual):
    1) Empty both air chambers.
    2) Turn Bottom Out all the way in (+).
    3) Inflate to 150 (bottom out air).
    4) Inflate main chamber to 10lb over body weight.

    I did this and left the rebound and the ProP set in the middle for starters.
    Seems OK but will dial it in with more rides under my belt.

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